what’s love got to do with it

January 24, 2014 § Leave a comment

Hey internet. There’s various fun events going on. Some of them are listed on the show calendar. My compass is pointed toward the VFW today, methinks.

Here’s some fun stuff because I spend too much time on the interwebs:

An “objective review” of a Guitar Wolf album: “Guitar Wolf are a band that play very loud. Guitar Wolf are a rock and roll band. Guitar Wolf are a very loud rock and roll band. Their new album, which is entitled Beast Vibrator, contains eleven songs.”

I totally raised my eyebrows clicking on this, but it’s quite sweet and I agree with a lot of it: Casual Love. “We have a mythology surrounding romantic love that says it’s a special, rare feeling, reserved for just a few people in your whole life.”

If someone could start a band in Missoula that sounds exactly like this, I would love you forever.

Party on,

K. Dubs


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