seasonal depression: the playlist

February 21, 2014 § Leave a comment


February and March are the hardest months of the year for moi; probably due to lack of sunlight, crappy holidays and general ennui. Here are bands that both confirm my sad-sackness, and yet, offer a beam of cathartic light. (I am unsure about that metaphor, but let’s just move on, shall we?) So, sweep away your bangs, emo kid, and check out some tunes.

Firstly, I’ve been listening to Modern Baseball’s Sports a ton. A wink to American Football, obvs. It’s cool to hear a band of people my age singing about stuff like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, because, y’know, so much of my life is lived through these things, and yet, I’m guessing it’s a matter of very short time before these lyrics are dated as hell. It’s like how slowly, TV shows and movies are starting to show texting as a normal way of communicating. (This is because I’ve been watching a shit ton of “Sherlock.”) I wonder how funny these shows will seem in re-runs a decade from now.

To include a local band, Whoopass Girls. This band gets better and better every time I hear them, and I would probably be an all-out fan if I didn’t tangentially know a couple of these young dorks. ‘Cause it’s creepy to be a fan of 18-year-old dudes who you actually have met, right? They are probably the only people in Missoula besides me who like Joyce Manor, so there you go.

Iron Chic. Insert Latterman reference here. Anthemic, inspirational, epic as hell. A friend of mine broke her nose at their set at Fest. These guys are the kinda big deal that I suspect won’t be coming through our li’l town again soon, so I really hope there’s a good turnout for the show at the ZACC on March 27. Stream The Constant One, which is a hell of an album, on Bandcamp.

Swearin’. Yeah I know they have a newer album, but I’m obsessed with 2011’s What a Dump. WHY DIDN’T I LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM WHEN IT CAME OUT? Argh. “You can’t make me love you back, and you can’t make me react.”

Off With Their Heads, forever and always, and Lawrence Arms, ’cause all their lyrics are basically about miserable winters. The Buttsweat and Tears EP is just so perfect from beginning to end.

The Front Bottoms. Oh man, talk about epitome of the sad sack. Which, of course, I mean in the best possible way. Lyrics that I hate myself for how much they get stuck in my head.

Radiator Hospital. Oh my God this song:

This song forever. This should be put behind glass and labeled Use In Case of Break-Up.

And lest ye think I am all about the pathetic pop songs (okay, well, I am) but Trash Talk and Pissing Contest. Hardcore/thrash to put on my iPod while I walk headfirst into the wind and sleet and scowl at the alternative school kids smoking in the alley.

To round this out, of course:

ahem. well then. party on.


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