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Hey kids!

Firstly, wanna say that the Iron Chic show at the ZACC was a hell of a time, and then the Total Combined Weight/Juveniles record release shindig at the Bike Doctor on Saturday ruled. I wish every weekend could be like it. Except then I’d be dead.

Anyhoo, here’s some random bits of band news.

The very excellent Freeload documentary, made and soundtracked by Missoula folk, screens April 4-6 at the Roxy. I highly suggest you check it out if you’re interested in hobo/train kid culture. Or if you just met a douchey train kid once and like to bitch about it (this is the vast majority of Missoulians, I think.) Anyway, there’s a cool piece from a New Orleans author on why Everyone hates the oogles: “Oogles were useless. They were ignorant, they were violent, they were bigoted, they were thieves, they were junkies; the very sight of them on the neutral ground was enraging and offensive. Everyone hated these kids. They were, it seemed, the only group in New Orleans more reviled than NOPD.”

In less localish news, here’s a ripping heavy track from Floor, the pre-Torche project that’s getting revamped. It sounds a whole lot like Torche, so I have no complains.

Dear Landlord recorded a new demo track. That thing you’re feeling is my throbbing boner.

Antarctigo Vespucci is the new project from Jeff Rosenstock and Chris Farren (the dude from Fake Problems.) Q&As usually bore me to tears, but this one is fantastic. And the track sounds like kickass powerpop.

Oh, and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks play the Top Hat on April 5. I’m actually more stoked that Speedy Ortiz is opening. Cool rock and/or roll.


yours in (imaginary) beardiness,

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woooo iron chic!!! and atlantic thrills! martyfest 2014!!

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Lo, children.

Iron Chic plays on Thursday! At the ZACC! For eight American dollars or six in advance! Eeee! Let’s gear up by, er, surfing the internet. But then gear up by playing loud music and feeling earnest feelings. Let’s go. (P.S., I am actually listening to Cleveland Bound Death Sentence at the moment, and this makes me think and type way too fast.)

I wrote some words about Iron Chic for the Indy, and then of course went and read the Stranger and they wrote something cooler. Bastards. Here’s Iron Chic’s Self-Help Punk Rock: Five Fuck-the-World Lessons, by the excellent Megan Seling. Sample :”Things get weird/you just have to deal with it. This is the number-one truest statement ever made. Things do get weird—sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s not—but regardless of how or why it got weird, the only thing you can do is deal with it (insert justinbeibersunglasses.gif here).”

Also, Iron Chic are on one hell of a tour. It’s been really fun to watch friends in Florida, Arizona, California and Washington post about seeing them. And tour vans and God willing, even Missoula gets to see them too.

Anyhoo, there’s a ton of other rad bands lined up for Martyfest. (Let’s all take a moment to thank Marty.) There’s the garage-pop Atlantic Thrills, who recently played Portland with Mean Jeans, plus Bozeman’s Battlestations and a bunch of Missoula dummies like Buddy Jackson and The Hounds and Jake Osborne.

Stream Atlantic Thrills over on Soundcloud.

Oh, and here’s a video of Iron Chic playing Brooklyn back in February. Hopefully they’re not too much worse for wear by the time they roll into our burg. Beardcore as furk.

missoulapunknews [at] gmail is gonna smash her face into the goddamn radio

bite me, “husband’s records” lady

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All right, so that headline’s a bit more reactionary than I really feel about it, but anyway, there’s a woman called Sarah O’Holla running a blog called “My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection” where she listens to the records they’ve been toting around their entire married lives. (This is via Megan Seling, a supremely awesome music writer and miniature-things-baked-into-cupcakes-baker over at Slog.)

O’Holla’s writing is funny and perfectly hits the mark sometimes, like here, about garage rock, “It makes you want to dance in a cool way, like a little jolty and stiff.” And she’s stoked about an Au Pairs record with a fertility temperature chart on it: “I think because when music, especially rock music can be so male-centric and often misogynist, it’s so refreshing to see something ‘just for women’ put out there, with no explanation, and no connection to the album other than the fact that women are writing this music, playing this music and singing this music.”

So far so good, k. But when she gets to Anthrax, she basically sums up everything that has ever made me want to pull my hair out:

It’s oddly beautiful, but I feel like it’s really hard for girls to get to know this kind of music. I would NEVER want to see this band live, even though I’m really liking the music. It would be too violent and too dangerous, and that sucks. And yet I’m not blaming the people who feel the need to get “caught in a mosh,” upon hearing this. It’s probably exhilarating, but sitting on the couch listening to it is fun in a totally different way. Why does music have to be such a division of the sexes sometimes?

Um, speak for yourself.

Firstly, it’s ridiculous to assign music as being for men or women, especially based on how loud or aggressive or violent it is. Men and women can both be aggressive and loud and violent. Or soft and gentle. Or a mix of all those traits. Nobody fits the definitions of the gender binary perfectly.

Secondly, not all metal/rock shows look like this:

If anything, they’re closer to this:

I get why people are put off by aggressive, loud rock and metal shows, particularly if you’re smaller or shorter. It’s fine to watch from the sidelines.

But for the most part, energetic, aggressive music has meant the whole world to me, as a human being needing an outlet. And not every pit is the same; I will stay the hell away from karate-kickers at Code Orange Kids shows, for instance, but I’ll dive right in for Kylesa or Tacocat. [All bands with women in them, BTW.] Mosh pits are also the one place in this world where being a tall, heavier chick is actually an asset. I can hold my own.

So it drives me nuts when people don’t think girls can or should like aggressive music, although probably the worst derision comes from within the ranks; that is, punk and metal dudes who look down on chicks who want to be involved in it. To them I say: this is stuff I like, and I like it in my own way, and you don’t get to tell me how to like it.

Anyway, probably the best and most coherent contemplation of women’s relationship to aggressive music is Gazelle Amber Valentine of Jucifer and her interview on NPR. “I’ve had to reject a lot of socialized bullshit to openly be what I am: a woman who is, and is at ease with, simultaneously embracing traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine things. I don’t find they conflict, but society says they do.”

K, rant over. P.S., been listening to S.H.I.T.‘s Collective Unconscious 7-inch on Iron Lung Records today and it rules.

P.P.S. and Helms Alee, a heavy-as-fuck band with ladies in it, is playing here on Thursday. Their music is pretty to listen to while sitting on a couch, *and* while fist-pumping with sweaty people.

doin it for the lulz

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In local rock news: there are local rock shows, all listed to varying degrees of accuracy on the show calendar. And Helms Alee at the ZACC on Thursday, so that should effin’ rip.

In Public Service Announcement news because that’s how I’m rolling today, there’s an event at the Badlander (with beer and pizza!!) on Friday, March 21 at 5 PM with the state insurance commissioner to answer questions about the upcoming March 31 deadline for health care enrollment. Stop asking me, friends, ask the damn experts.

(Confidential to my former insurance company: eat a dick. Eat a bag of dicks, in fact.)

Need a dose of righteous rage about rape culture today? A study indicates that creeper dudes are creepers, regardless of sobriety (though I think creeper dudes will use drinking to justify creepin’, both to themselves and others).

In lighter news, PBS reporter at SXSW gets caught in mosh pit. Oh man, this video is a treasure. “Well, it appears Steve is having some technical difficulties.”

party on,


when getting awesome goes wrong

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hey Missoula. you warm up to 40 degrees and suddenly I love you again. weird how that works.

anyhoo, there’s local shows and stuff. I am enthused, but just cannot sum up the exclamation points to do it, as I used up my exclamation point quota yesterday at Dead Hips–I mean, Drop Culture at the Badlander. Ahem. Just filling my obligations to monitor Missoula culture and nightlife.

Anyhoo, Portland’s Rum Rebellion is playing with Whiskey Hooves down at the Palace, and that is free, so all the more reason to get your TGIF goin’ on.

with all that noted, I give thee my personal anthem for being a drinky 20-something. perhaps it will be yours, too. This is dedicated to the dude’s face I accidentally sprayed perfume at yesterday. My bad.

oh, and this is just fun. rock it.

–when missoulapunknews wakes up, I brush my teeth with a bottle of jack

St. Patty’s shenanigans looming

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irishpunkSt. Patrick’s Day approacheth, and y’all know what that means. I’m increasingly uncomfortable with getting wasted in supposed honor of another culture, and I’m not a fan of cheesy Irish/Celtic punk (except for Flogging Molly*) but anyway, I can’t complain about a bunch of shows and cheap drinks on the horizon.

Check the show calendar, but highlights: Rum Rebellion and Whiskey Hooves on Friday at the Palace, couple different shindigs on St. Patty’s proper on Monday. (Besides, y’know, Sean Kelly’s.)

In fun news, if you haven’t seen this yet, you oughta: Family calls 911 on attack cat. Attack cat!

*Also I have an irrational soft spot for Dropkick Murphy’s “Kiss Me I’m Shitfaced.” Keep hatin, haters, it is awesome for drunk yell-singing.

monday funday? merg

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rosegoldthere’s a keg in my office. must focus. must focus. cannot go attack keg. not yet.

lessee. Lord Dying was rad at the ZACC last Saturday. Their amount of badass guitar-shredding riffage is proportional to how chill and laid-back they seem offstage. Also, I had not seen The Hounds before, and bless them, they play AC/DC covers. At least, butt-rocking songs that definitely sound like AC/DC covers, anyway. If you see this is as a downside, we could never be friends.

Looking forward, big ole show tonight! Rose Gold, Cryptics, Buddy Jackson, Vera at the Badlander. Bozeman’s Rose Gold is working a pretty winning combination of shoegazey rock and confusingly gross sexual imagery. The Cryptics are a punk three-piece out of New Hampshire.

The show starts about 10 when trivia gets done. It looks to be a smashing good time; plus, we have this eternal gem of a show poster courtesy of Marty’s first-ever attempt at Photoshop.

If you need motivation today, here is a Mutoid Man track. To paraphrase what Bryne Yancey said on Twitter, “Try not to go set your office on fire after listening to this.”

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