monday funday? merg

March 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

rosegoldthere’s a keg in my office. must focus. must focus. cannot go attack keg. not yet.

lessee. Lord Dying was rad at the ZACC last Saturday. Their amount of badass guitar-shredding riffage is proportional to how chill and laid-back they seem offstage. Also, I had not seen The Hounds before, and bless them, they play AC/DC covers. At least, butt-rocking songs that definitely sound like AC/DC covers, anyway. If you see this is as a downside, we could never be friends.

Looking forward, big ole show tonight! Rose Gold, Cryptics, Buddy Jackson, Vera at the Badlander. Bozeman’s Rose Gold is working a pretty winning combination of shoegazey rock and confusingly gross sexual imagery. The Cryptics are a punk three-piece out of New Hampshire.

The show starts about 10 when trivia gets done. It looks to be a smashing good time; plus, we have this eternal gem of a show poster courtesy of Marty’s first-ever attempt at Photoshop.

If you need motivation today, here is a Mutoid Man track. To paraphrase what Bryne Yancey said on Twitter, “Try not to go set your office on fire after listening to this.”


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