doin it for the lulz

March 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

In local rock news: there are local rock shows, all listed to varying degrees of accuracy on the show calendar. And Helms Alee at the ZACC on Thursday, so that should effin’ rip.

In Public Service Announcement news because that’s how I’m rolling today, there’s an event at the Badlander (with beer and pizza!!) on Friday, March 21 at 5 PM with the state insurance commissioner to answer questions about the upcoming March 31 deadline for health care enrollment. Stop asking me, friends, ask the damn experts.

(Confidential to my former insurance company: eat a dick. Eat a bag of dicks, in fact.)

Need a dose of righteous rage about rape culture today? A study indicates that creeper dudes are creepers, regardless of sobriety (though I think creeper dudes will use drinking to justify creepin’, both to themselves and others).

In lighter news, PBS reporter at SXSW gets caught in mosh pit. Oh man, this video is a treasure. “Well, it appears Steve is having some technical difficulties.”

party on,



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