woooo iron chic!!! and atlantic thrills! martyfest 2014!!

March 24, 2014 § Leave a comment


Lo, children.

Iron Chic plays on Thursday! At the ZACC! For eight American dollars or six in advance! Eeee! Let’s gear up by, er, surfing the internet. But then gear up by playing loud music and feeling earnest feelings. Let’s go. (P.S., I am actually listening to Cleveland Bound Death Sentence at the moment, and this makes me think and type way too fast.)

I wrote some words about Iron Chic for the Indy, and then of course went and read the Stranger and they wrote something cooler. Bastards. Here’s Iron Chic’s Self-Help Punk Rock: Five Fuck-the-World Lessons, by the excellent Megan Seling. Sample :”Things get weird/you just have to deal with it. This is the number-one truest statement ever made. Things do get weird—sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s not—but regardless of how or why it got weird, the only thing you can do is deal with it (insert justinbeibersunglasses.gif here).”

Also, Iron Chic are on one hell of a tour. It’s been really fun to watch friends in Florida, Arizona, California and Washington post about seeing them. And tour vans and God willing, even Missoula gets to see them too.

Anyhoo, there’s a ton of other rad bands lined up for Martyfest. (Let’s all take a moment to thank Marty.) There’s the garage-pop Atlantic Thrills, who recently played Portland with Mean Jeans, plus Bozeman’s Battlestations and a bunch of Missoula dummies like Buddy Jackson and The Hounds and Jake Osborne.

Stream Atlantic Thrills over on Soundcloud.

Oh, and here’s a video of Iron Chic playing Brooklyn back in February. Hopefully they’re not too much worse for wear by the time they roll into our burg. Beardcore as furk.

missoulapunknews [at] gmail is gonna smash her face into the goddamn radio


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