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Bad Naked. Photo by Tim Goessman.

Bad Naked. Photo by Tim Goessman.

hello from Missoula Punk News central, where I’m dinking around the house, putting off going to work while I listen to the new Menzingers. <3. Feelings.

Anyhoo, lessee. Photographer Tim Goessman put up a bunch of old pictures of Missoula bands. Zoo City Apparel, Lab shows, house parties, Total Fest, etc… Gosh darn, does our town look all pretty and nostalgic when lit correctly. (Er, aside from Bad Naked.) Go reminisce! Feel the feels!

P.S., Skin Flowers plays its album release show at Stage 112 tonight. (Friday, that is.)

‘K. Party on.


clean bongs, evil bongs, ones as big as your head

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so this exists

It is a venerated, global holiday of great import on Sunday, April 20. And it is also Easter.

(Look, I’m hungover from a grand total of three beers, so this is the best I can do today.)

Actually, 4/20 is the day when Fest 13 passes go on sale. Descendents, Hot Water Music, Dear Landlord, Marked Men and literally 200 other amazing bands are playing this year. Flying all the way to Florida to spend four days drinking beer and watching punk bands might sound like a ridiculous way to spend your hard-earned money, but I promise that it is the best goddamn time of your life and you will make some of the best friends ever and probably also make out with strangers. (I mean, maybe you will. I certainly wouldn’t do such a thing.)

Anyhoo, Ol’ Doris and Stab Me Kill Me play some joint in Kalispell tonight and the Palace tomorrow. OL DORIS IS PLAYING TOTAL FEST!! There are a ton of other excellent bands on the lineup for Total Fest this year, according to my contact on the TF committee (um, that would be myself) but this is the first announced one. Total Fest will announce more soon. Incidentally, have you ever tried to organize contracts with dozens of metalheads/punks? Uuuurgh.

You can stream/download Ol Doris and Stab Me Kill Me at their Bandcamps. Both rad. Stab Me in particular.

I could honestly care less about 4/20, but for friends who do, here’s How to Clean Your Bong. Good stuff to know, rite? Jolie Kerr is worth reading regardless; she is hilarious and awesome and full of wisdom. Like, add a cup of white vinegar to your loads and they’ll come out way cleaner, even at the crappy gas station laundromat. Life changing, that is.

Also the Wilma is showing the b-horror film Gingerdead Man Vs. Evil Bong on Sunday at 7 PM, and I gather that it is as intelligent a film as its title would lead one to believe.

As always, lovelies, party on.

sauerkraut porn

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Just so y’all know, “sauerkraut porn” is still one of the top hits that leads people to MPN. So we’re doing something right.


Joey Running Crane’s going-away show was at the VFW on Friday and it was packed full of literal people and figurative feelings. And I’d forgotten how much Goddammitboyhowdy rules. Ruled. 😦 Missoula, please start more rock bands pronto. I need something to look forward to.

There’s things to listen to on the interwebs, such as but not limited to the new Menzingers album and the Jason Molina tribute album, which has tracks from Murder By Death and Cory Branan on it.

Lessee. Ooh! The Men and the Boys and Silver Palms play the VFW on Wednesday. (Not Sunday, like I’d originally had it on the calendar for some stupid reason and just realized today. It’s like your calendar editor drinks a lot or something.) Total Combined Weight had to drop off due to some silly thing like work stuff.

Plus, Stab Me Kill Me and Ol Doris play Kalispell on Friday and the Palace on Saturday. I was about to promise that I’ll post more about that later this week, but Lord knows blog promises are like a fart in the wind, so whatever. Just plan on going to that, mmkay?

Party on.

put a dadcan on it

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(swiped from Butty Jackson’s Facebook)

Hello, lovelies. Word is the Chuck Ragan show at the Top Hat was excellent, and that Chuck Ragan is short, which I knew but had forgotten. Your faithful editor had, um, other obligations and couldn’t make the show, but I’m glad to hear it was rad.

This week we say goodbye to Joey Running Crane, who is threatening to depart Missoula forever. I’m not believing this is happening until I see it, and also I hate goodbyes/endings. However, the goodbye show at the VFW tonight (Friday!) with Buddy Jackson and Goddammitboyhowdy (!) should be excellent.

News around the web:

Welp, Black Flag, the iteration with Greg Ginn and three rando dudes, is playing Billings on July 24. I would like to ignore this whole Black Flag/Flag revival thing until it goes away. But while Googling “how to cover up Black Flag tattoo” I did find this article I rather appreciate in defense of Kristen Stewart wearing a Black Flag t-shirt: “You see, not only has she worn a Black Flag shirt, she’s had the cheek to glam it up ever so slightly, by tying a wee knot at one side. Foul harlot! Do you not see that you should only be wearing a potato sack with a sprayed-on Black Flag stencil?”

Six Reasons Your Band Should Not Play Longer Than 20 Minutes. Yes yes yes.

Here’s a unicorn Cake Wreck. I…look, just click on it.

‘K, back to listening to Beyonce.

rev your beards: chuck ragan’s coming to town

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Hey y’all. Tearing myself away from disgustingly bright, sunny day (which will probably be overcast and windy within 15 minutes, because Montana) to say that there’s excellent things coming up this week.

Namely Chuck Ragan! Who I elaborate on more here: “Chuck Ragan, in case you weren’t aware, is “punk rock’s manliest man.” The beardy former frontman of Hot Water Music has earned a lot of hero worship, which he seems mildly amused by. There’s a ChuckRaganFacts handle on Twitter. Vice’s Noisey blog did a video where Andrew Seward (who used to play in Against Me!) goes fishing with Ragan and then they hang out by a campfire..”

And I want to add that I’ve seen him at Revival Tour, and Chuck Ragan live shoes are awesome. I’m pretty sure his show at the Top Hat is with a full band. I also realize that the $18 ticket ($15 in advance) seems a little steep for our town, but I also want to support a venue bringing the type of music acts that I actually want to see. (At this point, anything but fucking jamgrass.)

Also, Thursdays in April are Swamp Ritual’s residency at the VFW. Learn more about these precocious sludge metalheads: “Fugere, 22, whips his long hair in the artful way a good headbanger does and both he and La Tray, 20, have a confidence on stage that isn’t put on. For another thing, they’re musically tight even while jamming out long, noodling songs. In other words, this isn’t a band that needs gimmicks, though the group does require double bass stacks—an accessory they did not forget to bring to the ZACC—in order to get its big, fuzzed-out sound.”


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