put a dadcan on it

April 11, 2014 § 2 Comments


(swiped from Butty Jackson’s Facebook)

Hello, lovelies. Word is the Chuck Ragan show at the Top Hat was excellent, and that Chuck Ragan is short, which I knew but had forgotten. Your faithful editor had, um, other obligations and couldn’t make the show, but I’m glad to hear it was rad.

This week we say goodbye to Joey Running Crane, who is threatening to depart Missoula forever. I’m not believing this is happening until I see it, and also I hate goodbyes/endings. However, the goodbye show at the VFW tonight (Friday!) with Buddy Jackson and Goddammitboyhowdy (!) should be excellent.

News around the web:

Welp, Black Flag, the iteration with Greg Ginn and three rando dudes, is playing Billings on July 24. I would like to ignore this whole Black Flag/Flag revival thing until it goes away. But while Googling “how to cover up Black Flag tattoo” I did find this article I rather appreciate in defense of Kristen Stewart wearing a Black Flag t-shirt: “You see, not only has she worn a Black Flag shirt, she’s had the cheek to glam it up ever so slightly, by tying a wee knot at one side. Foul harlot! Do you not see that you should only be wearing a potato sack with a sprayed-on Black Flag stencil?”

Six Reasons Your Band Should Not Play Longer Than 20 Minutes. Yes yes yes.

Here’s a unicorn Cake Wreck. I…look, just click on it.

‘K, back to listening to Beyonce.


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