motherloving two cow garage, bitches

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This show can go two ways: a drunken excellent mess, or a drunken shitty mess. Either way, looking forward to it.


sandlot references n such

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Wee! SoCal pot-punk outfit Benny the Jet Rodriguez plays the VFW Wednesday, along with The (or Thee?!?) Hounds, Pancakes and other luminaries:

benny the jet rodriguez

There’s also a bunch of metal coming up, like Chron Goblin, Kadmin and Swamp Ritual at the Palace on Friday.

In silly news, Macaulay Culkin’s pizza-themed band got booed off a British stage. Oh those cheeky Brits, eh? I can’t really be bothered to be that pissed off about his stupid band theme. Love this quote: “Jess, 19 from Nottingham, said: ‘I feel really sorry for him. I mean, the music did sound terrible, but it isn’t very fair to be hit with so much beer and booed is it.'”

Our buddies in Burn Burn Burn go on a West Coast trip with the enviable tour name Pickleback to the Future. You can stream some of their stuff over on For the Love of Punk.

You oughta be paying attention to #YesAllWomen. Here’s a bunch of excellent, pithy points made on Twitter–and useful to remember the next time somebody’s being a misogynist douche.

fuck shit up

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In case y’all didn’t see Timmy post it on Facebook, here’s the rad flyer that went around the Hospital Job show on Thursday.


Fuck shit up.

nature’s pocket

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Hey kids!

Neko Case is tonight at the Wilma, and that is plumb sold out, so I shall say no more.

Secondly, Hospital Job plays the Palace Thursday, and in a better world (or least one where more Missoulians loved pop punk) that would be sold out too, but I expect to rock out with at least, like, seven local nerds. <3. Hospital Job has a song called “Free Onions,” so I am legally required to love them.

From the awesome Megan Seling once again, here’s Know Your Vagina (Bands). I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t realize that’s what The Muffs referred to.

If you’d like something a li’l harder to listen to, here’s Fucking Invincible and the entirety of the Very Negative ep. Stay posi.

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oh god how could I forget

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you know you have some rad friends when a zillion people on your Facebook feed posted this today.


subteens roooool

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motivational tunes. The best song from this Subteen’s album is Liquor. Go look it up on Spotify if you got it.

party on.


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this is dedicated to the generally miserable week I’m having. and my sinus infection.

carry on.

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