pop punk all the livelong day

May 7, 2014 § Leave a comment


Hello, internet denizens.

Lessee. Tonight at the VFW we have Survay Says, a New Jersey pop punk/ska outfit, plus Buddy Jackson and some other nerds. Give ’em a listen on Bandcamp.

Links around the web:

Here’s dudes dressed as Tibetan monks breakdancing to Beastie Boys in honor of Adam Yauch. Hell yes.

Nine things that women in music are sick of experiencing. “I once told a male friend that, with regular frequency, I have been grabbed or groped at shows. He was shocked. ‘That actually happens? You’re joking.'” Yup, all of these. With a particular shout-out to the guys I know who consider themselves progressive, but are still completely drown out women if we try to talk about music because we don’t appreciate it in the “right” way or what the fuck ever.

Anyway, before I get all ranty, if you haven’t been reading Beardyface, the hilarious Seattle-based punk webcomic, it is excellent. God, I love punk webcomics.

This “Ask Andrew W.K.: Loving NYC” is remarkably similar to trying to every time my eastern Montana parents visit Missoula. Sigh.

anyway, party on, kids. there’s good shows on the horizon for Missoula, including Neko Case next week!! and Two Cow Garage and Prizehog in the first week o’ June.

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