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May 14, 2014 § Leave a comment


Hello, here are some random links and a note about a show next Thursday at the Palace that oughta be rad.

This Daily Beast piece makes a fun case that creative types, including writers, have similar brain chemistry and thought patterns as psychotics, and are often borderline psychotic. Ooh! You don’t say!

Brendan Kelly makes music, I dig it, always. Stream his new song “Pig,” coming out on a split with Sam Russo May 20.

There are too many goddamn awful band names in the world, but this list supplies a ton of excellent onesJones Street Boys, The Jupiters, The Knockdowns, The Knuckles, and The Lizzies are just some of my favorites.

AAAAaaaaaand besides some local shows, which are listed to varying degrees of accuracy on the show calendar, Hospital Job comes through town on Thu., May 22 to play a free show at the Palace. The name rung a faint bell, and I listened to the album and was like “Weird, this band really sounds like the Copyrights” OH SHIT IT TOTALLY IS ONE OF THE DUDES FROM THE COPYRIGHTS. BONER.* Anyway, go listen to Hospital Job on Bandcamp. And save some scratch to buy merch or donate, for pete’s sake.

(As much of a boner as one can get for dorky pop punk bands. Erm, in my case, that is a huge, throbbing boner.)

Okay. Party on.

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