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You guys! The delightful Ryan Koreski, of The Damage Done fame (using “fame” loosely here ‘cuz this is punk we’re talking about) will be in Missoula Wednesday to play his Jefferson Death Star tunes.  I really hope he has some of those amazing stickers left. Plus those Buddy Jackson meatheads appear, and also Cat Heaven reunites for a ninth life.

Either way, you should check out my JDS review for the Indy, in which beer, pop punk and feelings ensue: “Allow me to acquaint you with the Pop Punk Lyrics Drinking Game for a moment. (Or Google it; I did not invent this.) Take a shot for every reference to friends or girls. Chug a beer during gang vocals. Eat one slice of pizza during references to growing up, the past, or self-deprecation in an upbeat song.”

In Melvins-type news, here’s Chris La Tray’s writeup of the King Buzzo show at the Palace. Sounds cool! If I had had an extra $20 to throw around, I would have dressed up in a Prince costume just to troll Buzz Osborne.

Anyway, setting all that business aside, here’s 25 Drinks And What They Should Really Be Called. (Yes, I am a sucker for stupid internet lists, but so are you.) Whiskey, Neat is “Time to prove to this bartender that I am cool as shit.”

-Please buy Kate all the stickers.


adventures n such

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hey kids!


Black Cobra. Their hair is full of secrets.

Black Cobra is a heavy as hell metal band playing the ZACcC on Thursday, with Swamp Ritual and something called Fallow. (That was a typo, but I’m leaving it.) Prepare to whip thy hair back and forth. Plus, there’s the Total Fest talent show on Friday and such. Cruise over to the show calendar for slightly more details.

In non-Missoula news, here is the singer of Discharge (no spring chicken, mind you) taking out a heckler with one punch.

Not that it matters, but your faithful MPN editor is preparing to go on a Northwest jaunt, so thereby will kiss this popsicle stand goodbye for a few days. I will come back with tales of Seattle bars and debauchery, perhaps, hmm? Vaping is cool over there, I’m told.


hatebreed, obviously

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“You’ve been demoted. Here’s a Blessthefall shirt.” Lol:

Party on.

must read: fan entitlement

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This is a thing you should read about fan entitlement and supporting bands:

“And let’s also forget that the original person somehow thinks that they are entitled to cheap merch and cheap music, and also that they think it’s “classism” to expect a musician to not be homeless when he or she is not touring. Those are different arguments for a different time.

On a very, very basic level – this is just rude, on the level of someone who refuses to tip their waiters, waitresses, and bartenders.

“DIY” punk, for many people, has become less about fighting the corporate rock structure and more about consuming art and goods like shirts and records for as cheap as possible.”

This reminds me [a Total Fest organizer, btw] that Total Fest passes are on sale right now for $50, a very screaming deal for a three-day festival with 40-plus bands, who have to fly/drive to get here.

(Although I don’t think cheapness is necessarily what’s killing punk, but that it’s simply fading as a relevant genre to youth subcultures. It happens. It’s fine.)

Anyway, better go before I get any more thinky.

Party on,


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punk1hey kids! summertime shenanigans are on their way.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the Total Fest announcements, now’s the time to start checking out the bands you haven’t heard yet! I’m particularly stoked on Treasure Fleet–members of the Arrivals, Smoking Popes and Lawrence Arms, yo.

A ton of photos of 80s and 90s punk, and hardcore pits in particular, are collected here. Punks look stupid, but cool sometimes, is the jist of it. Also, we should start a petition for Henry Rollins to grow his hair out again. Damn.

-carry on,


anniversaries n such

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Hello all. I’m just hanging out with my new best friend, a 14-inch veggie burrito from Taco Del Sol, recuperating from Two Cow Garage. All of the hearts and feels. Yay!

In lieu of content, I present a link about what happened to the famous Tiananmen Square tank protester dude. Tiananmen Square massacre was 25 years ago on June 5, 1989.

P.S. two good shows on Friday: Prizehog at the ZACC, an earlier-ish one that’s all ages, and then over at the VFW, there’s Dogjaw and Sharkpact. Follow your heart.

have a cow man

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Hello all, Two Cow Garage is tonight, so by God, imma fuck shit up on a Tuesday. What of it. What. Like I said in my review, Two Cow Garage still makes me want to fight and/or make out with everyone.

I got bored, drank coffee and ate a ton of jelly beans at work and now am in a jelly bean wormhole on the internet. Here’s how Jelly Belly invents flavors: “Occasionally, the scientists’ success overtakes them, as when an experimental four-cheese pizza bean managed to empty a whole mixing room with its noxious smell. But even disasters can redeem themselves: with the release of the company’s Beanboozled novelty line, cheese pizza, with a few tweaks, became barf.”

It sounds all magical and Willy Wonka-y, as long as I do not contemplate the artificial flavors and corn syrup and things I normally eschew as an unbearable organic hippie. I will sell out for buttered popcorn flavor jelly beans, is what I’m saying.

Also you can buy buttered popcorn flavor jelly beans IN BULK, YO. This takes me back to reading about Bertie Bott’s beans in Harry Potter and how that all seemed so fantastic and unreal.

I am also aware that the CEO of Jelly Belly is a conservative asshole, as I learned from a memorable occasion when Elise the Beast was in Lakeside and texted me that she saw Sharon Stone, Tom Petty and the Jelly Belly CEO hanging out. She has the CEO’s business card to prove it.

In more serious news, here’s a piece about how crowd surfing does not make groping acceptable. When the singer for Staind is pointing out what a piece of shit you are, you are a piece of shit.

Anyway, that about does it.

Come at me, bro-

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