must read: fan entitlement

June 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

This is a thing you should read about fan entitlement and supporting bands:

“And let’s also forget that the original person somehow thinks that they are entitled to cheap merch and cheap music, and also that they think it’s “classism” to expect a musician to not be homeless when he or she is not touring. Those are different arguments for a different time.

On a very, very basic level – this is just rude, on the level of someone who refuses to tip their waiters, waitresses, and bartenders.

“DIY” punk, for many people, has become less about fighting the corporate rock structure and more about consuming art and goods like shirts and records for as cheap as possible.”

This reminds me [a Total Fest organizer, btw] that Total Fest passes are on sale right now for $50, a very screaming deal for a three-day festival with 40-plus bands, who have to fly/drive to get here.

(Although I don’t think cheapness is necessarily what’s killing punk, but that it’s simply fading as a relevant genre to youth subcultures. It happens. It’s fine.)

Anyway, better go before I get any more thinky.

Party on,


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