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June 24, 2014 § Leave a comment


You guys! The delightful Ryan Koreski, of The Damage Done fame (using “fame” loosely here ‘cuz this is punk we’re talking about) will be in Missoula Wednesday to play his Jefferson Death Star tunes.  I really hope he has some of those amazing stickers left. Plus those Buddy Jackson meatheads appear, and also Cat Heaven reunites for a ninth life.

Either way, you should check out my JDS review for the Indy, in which beer, pop punk and feelings ensue: “Allow me to acquaint you with the Pop Punk Lyrics Drinking Game for a moment. (Or Google it; I did not invent this.) Take a shot for every reference to friends or girls. Chug a beer during gang vocals. Eat one slice of pizza during references to growing up, the past, or self-deprecation in an upbeat song.”

In Melvins-type news, here’s Chris La Tray’s writeup of the King Buzzo show at the Palace. Sounds cool! If I had had an extra $20 to throw around, I would have dressed up in a Prince costume just to troll Buzz Osborne.

Anyway, setting all that business aside, here’s 25 Drinks And What They Should Really Be Called. (Yes, I am a sucker for stupid internet lists, but so are you.) Whiskey, Neat is “Time to prove to this bartender that I am cool as shit.”

-Please buy Kate all the stickers.


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