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Puberty Wounds. much sweat. very floor.


Hey everyone, here’s a couple snaps of Baltimore band Puberty Wounds doing their scuzzy punk thing at a house show Tuesday evening, followed by a rather interesting rap performance from a friend of theirs featuring Tears for Fears samples. Buddy Jackson and Idaho Green played, too. Idaho Green sported some spiffy outfits, per usual, including Caleb’s French maid costume. Nice gams.

I’m not sure who else was there; I went on a beer run and missed two bands. You know how it is. Anyhow, thanks to the lovely uteruses and duderuses of the Doll House for throwing shows! Nothing like a hot, sweaty basement with loud music to really feel like a proper summer evening. Parking lot 40s are the best 40s.

In other news, the Total Fest schedule is now released! Go check it out and make thy plans accordingly.

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needs more cowbell

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Hi, while I’m busy listening to the new Joyce Manor on repeat, here’s a silly picture.


ice cream! pizza!

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hey all! Total Feast approacheth on Sunday! Sunday-unday-unday! You get a bunch of the best damn pizza in the state, and it all goes to help Total Fest pay the bands. (Total Fest doesn’t get to bring cool bands if it doesn’t have money to bring cool bands, ahem.)

Tonight: Best Westerns album release at the Top Hat. No cover. Have a very Montucky evening.

Also, I learned today that in Singapore, street vendors serve ice cream sandwiches on bread. This fascinates me, for some reason.

Housekeeping note: I am saving the $20 that it costs annually to pay for having the domain, and reverting back to update your bookmarks, if anyone besides me uses bookmarks anymore. yes, kids, I have been paying $20 a year for the privilege of delivering you this goofy shiz with a domain that sounds somewhat more legit. Eh, to hell with it now, I say!

anyhoo, gotta get back to work. party on,


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wonder what the band name is hmm

Two things:

Vote Cory Branan for most anticipated upcoming album, because fuck Brad Paisley.

I was listening to Pale Angels, a UK grunge band, the other day and was like “holy shit” and, naturally, Mikey Erg is in it. Because Mikey Erg owns us all.


Oh wait, three things, actually, ’cause Boston hardcore outfit Opposition Rising plays Stage 112 tonight, along with dummies like Buddy Jackson and such. It’s on the show calendar to some degree of accuracy. Enjoy.

never hungover again

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Idaho Green! shenanigans! by thekosmickitten on Instagram.

hello all. Camp Daze was last week! I had too much going on to make it (get a second job for summer, she said, it’ll be fun for summer, she said, no really) but it looked pretty fun. If you peruse Instagram, I think the hashtag most peeps used was #campdazemusicfest. (A lot of pics posted by Kyle, aka the thekosmickitten, who also posted the one above of Idaho Green being generally awesome.)

In non-Missoula news, Joyce Manor’s new album is streaming online! On…. NPR. Oh well, I give no damns. It’s 19 minutes long and there are 24 hours a day, so you do the math on how many times I am going to listen to this album.

in other news, that whole second job thing is sucking my soul and free time, but I am trying to keep the show calendar updated. plus, Total Fest is on the way! Total Feast on July 27, the Pine Hill Haints at the ZACC on Aug. 8 and the festival itself Aug. 14-16. Wee!

wet hot ‘merican summer

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hello from my basement lair everyone! Between work and other work and driving to eastern Montana and lying around reading Dirt Candy (a graphic novel cookbook that is super cool) I could give a damn about staying at a computer long enough to update a blog.


BUT, wanted to pop in and point out that the show calendar is relatively updated with this weekend’s info, ’cause this weekend is Camp Daze! A summer festival with a bunch of local and touring bands around the ZACC, Free Cycles, Badlander and VFW, and I couldn’t be more pleased that someone else went to all the work of putting this on. Putting on music festivals and getting bands to do things in a timely manner is a giant pain, y’all, trust me. And Camp Daze is hella cheap and all ages!

oh and in nonlocal news, the very lovely power pop/rock/folk/whathaveyou band Radiator Hospital put out a new album, and it is free to listen to and download on Bandcamp, and you should do that. And Bitch magazine has a cool writeup about Priests, a punk band on Don Giovanni Records (who brought us The Measure SA and Swearin’, you’ll recall) so check it.

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hunk out

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This post brought to you by the Noodle Express takeout we got in the office today. It is definitely noodle-y.

Lessee, your faithful calendar editor is busy dinking around with work, Total Fest preparations, ren faire reporting (rly) and various summertime shenanigans. The Needlecraft show at Stage 112 on Friday was excellent, in particular the part where a bunch of shirtless dudes, and one intrepid shirtless lady, got up on stage and took their tits out for a shake. Rock and/or roll.

In random fun bits of the internet, Seattle punk badasses Tacocat have a custom space needle bong. Bless ’em.

Also, the Fourth of July is coming up, and my patience for America’s patriarchy and perpetuation of sexism and racism is at an all-time low! However, my patience for barbecues, craft beers and blowing up watermelons is never exhausted, so here’s to ‘Merica, I guess.

Party on.

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