wet hot ‘merican summer

July 9, 2014 § Leave a comment



hello from my basement lair everyone! Between work and other work and driving to eastern Montana and lying around reading Dirt Candy (a graphic novel cookbook that is super cool) I could give a damn about staying at a computer long enough to update a blog.


BUT, wanted to pop in and point out that the show calendar is relatively updated with this weekend’s info, ’cause this weekend is Camp Daze! A summer festival with a bunch of local and touring bands around the ZACC, Free Cycles, Badlander and VFW, and I couldn’t be more pleased that someone else went to all the work of putting this on. Putting on music festivals and getting bands to do things in a timely manner is a giant pain, y’all, trust me. And Camp Daze is hella cheap and all ages!

oh and in nonlocal news, the very lovely power pop/rock/folk/whathaveyou band Radiator Hospital put out a new album, and it is free to listen to and download on Bandcamp, and you should do that. And Bitch magazine has a cool writeup about Priests, a punk band on Don Giovanni Records (who brought us The Measure SA and Swearin’, you’ll recall) so check it.

party on,



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