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August 25, 2014 § Leave a comment


hey kids! the show calendar is updated-ish for the next few weeks. Of particular note is Reverend Horton Heat playing the Top Hat on Sept. 4–and yeah, Rev. Horton is here pretty frequently, but I’m excited that Piñata Protest is back to open for ’em. this is a pretty cool San Antonio band that does “Punk rock like abuela used to make,” and I wrote a bit about ’em when they opened for that Guttermouth/Agent Orange show.

there’s also an all-ages metal show this Saturday, Aug. 30, at the Dream Theater–a little theater out on South Higgins past the Dairy Queen, which, I believe, is affiliated with a local Christian group. Shramana, Arctodus and metallic newcomers Earthbound are playing. I saw Earthbound at their first show at the ZACC, and they had some promising talents. Their dads helped them load out gear, which was amusing, but then they and all their high school buddies split before the touring band played, which is bad form. whippersnappers these days. we must educate them! or not. whatevs.

oh, and shit! Supersuckers with Total Combined Weight and Bird’s Mile Home at Stage 112 on Wednesday, the 27th. insert joke about old-dude-rock here.

anyhoo, there’s all that and more on the show calendar!

party on,


p.s., here is an Alternative Tentacles label sampler, with lots of Total Fest alumni, that features one of the oddest lineups, genre-wise, I’ve seen in a while.


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