when september ends

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Somebody better go get Billie Joe Armstrong out of bed!

(Wow, I forgot that Evan Rachel Wood was in that video.)

p.s., if you are out and about in the bars over the next couple days, beware of the Wake Me Up When September Ends bar crawl: we’re just gonna put it on the jukebox at every bar and walk out.


drunk dad! drunk dad!

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hey all, Drunk Dad and Naomi Punk are this Saturday! Wee! Read I Got Drunk with a Band Called Drunk Dad over at Noisey to get revved up.

24 hours to go-oh-oh

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fliers are still important, kids!

Missoula denizens! Sorry to torture you with a flier for a cool thing that is not happening here. I’m a jerk like that.

Firstly, tonight is the Wand show at the Real Lounge, and Weird Missoula can tell you significantly more than I can about that. Or Brooklyn Vegan. Kind of a bummer that Ty Segall is not on this leg of the Wand tour. But I’m sure Wand is nice.

Here’s I Wanna Be Curated, an interview with Minneapolis-based punk photog Adam DeGross which includes some stellar snaps of bands like Dillinger Four and King Buzzo. (Fingers crossed I get to check out his photo exhibit when I visit Minnesota in a few weeks. Eeee!)

Playboy Bunnies: Where Are They Now? is probably the most interesting thing you’re going to see on AARP.com this week.

Also: Drunk Dad and Naomi Punk play what is sure to be a helluva show at Stage 112 on Saturday. some details on the show calendar. rock and/or roll!

party on,


punk rock ruined my life

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hey kids!

Frederick Krueger and the Sweet Dreamers played their first show in a year at the Palace last night, along with Marshall Granger and a solo acoustic act from Portlandiaworld, Class M Planets. Freddy K. and the S.D.’s: Terrible band name, great results. a few local ladies did some  very serious investigation of the Badlander’s “free drinks for women between 9 and 11” special, and it is real. what a world we live in.

anyhoo, there’s some entertaining sorts of things up on teh show calendar. please to be enjoying this song for no reason:

party on,


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Iron Reagan!

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Quick note to say that you ought to be listening to the new Iron Reagan. GO forth and destroy!

puig destroyer, totes rad videos of Ol Doris, Total ramblings and more!

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Saw snow up on the peaks today. Winter is coming!

Anyhoo, in the interest of being a less-than-insanely-lazy blogger, there’s videos of Total Fest afoot! Here’s MCAT’s footage of Ol Doris opening up proceedings on the first day of the festival:

Also, in case you missed it, baseball-lovin’ hardcore/grindcore outfit Puig Destroyer has a new EP coming out. I didn’t realize they share a bassist with Total alumnus Kowloon Walled City, but that explains this particularly awesome Twitter exchange (also viewable on the Total Fest Twitter, in case this screenshot looks weird):

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 10.01.17 AM

(Full disclosure: I run the Total Twitter, because no one else involved with Total Fest realizes I’m still doing it, I think.) anyhoo, I’m away from computers for a few days, so have a lovely weekend, and check ye olde show calendar for updates.


your pest band!

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ypb lp screen

Hey all, Your Best Band is a hardcore/punk outfit all the way from Japan, gracing the VFW tonight with esteemed duders like Hermanas Y Hermanas (aka Alex and Keith, I think) and others. $5, or $7 if you’re 18-20. Described as “Replacements on speed,” so hey, sign me up. Rock on!

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