24 hours to go-oh-oh

September 24, 2014 § Leave a comment


fliers are still important, kids!

Missoula denizens! Sorry to torture you with a flier for a cool thing that is not happening here. I’m a jerk like that.

Firstly, tonight is the Wand show at the Real Lounge, and Weird Missoula can tell you significantly more than I can about that. Or Brooklyn Vegan. Kind of a bummer that Ty Segall is not on this leg of the Wand tour. But I’m sure Wand is nice.

Here’s I Wanna Be Curated, an interview with Minneapolis-based punk photog Adam DeGross which includes some stellar snaps of bands like Dillinger Four and King Buzzo. (Fingers crossed I get to check out his photo exhibit when I visit Minnesota in a few weeks. Eeee!)

Playboy Bunnies: Where Are They Now? is probably the most interesting thing you’re going to see on AARP.com this week.

Also: Drunk Dad and Naomi Punk play what is sure to be a helluva show at Stage 112 on Saturday. some details on the show calendar. rock and/or roll!

party on,



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