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hey all! quick note to remind you that Wolf Eyes are playing Stage 112 tonight, and if you do not “get” what their deal is (I do not) perhaps this writeup from the esteemed Josh Vanek will be helpful: “The Detroit band, which has been around for 16 years and which has involved a number of those same Michigan dudes who were around the Couch/Bulb deal, offers a mind-cleansing anti-music to folks who think that rock-and-roll (or punk or hardcore) needs predictability in order to have structure.” Details on the show calendar to your left.

Roger Daltry from the Who said some ridiculous things about the state of music recently, and Lindy West has a kickass takedown: “Roger Daltrey’s none too pleased with the Roger Daltreys of 2014, who, he feels he must point out, are not like Roger Daltrey at all, and are more like Roger PALTRY, if you know what Roger Daltrey means. (He means “get off my lawn”.) ”

And if you haven’t read My Grandma The Poisoner, holy shit go read it. It is so fucking chilling. I prefer to read first-person stories like this with a grain of salt, but it’s still chilling. And, if nothing else, a glimpse into how we can have such blinders on when it comes to people we love.

Relevant to drunk dipshits: Fireball Whisky recalled in parts of the EU over concern about propylene glycol, which is an ingredient in antifreeze. Not that I didn’t already know that Fireball is goddamn poison.

It’s National Cat Day, but it’s also National Bat Week! Yay for bats!



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Tonight, fair Missoula denizens, Buddy “I Just Typed Butty On Accident” Jackson plays the VFW to kickoff their tour that loops down, around California and up to Seattle. (Buddy Jackson: three talented dudes who can be really obnoxious dweebs off-stage. As we all know, these are crucial ingredients for a good band.) God forbid anybody make a show poster anymore, so here’s the Facebook post about the show and their tour schedule:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.39.48 PM

In non-Buddy Jackson news and “pop punk is for old people” news, NPR has a thing about Chumped. And really Chumped is a sweet punk band you should check out if you haven’t already.

Oh, and here’s everything you need to know about How to Throw a Punk Rock Party. From Martha Stewart. Sample: “A full-on “nosh pit” is just what this punk party calls for. Offer a plate of Spinach Ricotta Skulls (a classically punk motif) alongside a bowl of Spinach, Bacon, and Onion Dip(for “noshing”).”

 Shit, punk *is* dead.

welp, time to throw in the towel, eh?

hello monday

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hanging 'Tuff

hanging ‘Tuff

Kids! ‘Tis Monday! King Tuff is at Stage 112 tonight. Work obligations and general broke-ness indicate that I cannot go, so y’all are gonna have to party hard to make up for it.

In other news, everyone’s favorite Billings “spud punks” Idaho Green have released their EP on Bandcamp. It is poppy and fun and there’s horns on it! Everybody wins. Except for how Idaho Green isn’t around anymore, because one of the members had to up and move to South Korea.

In other news, just gonna be chugging cranberry juice and listening to Tacocat all day. (Fuck!)

If that’s TMI I don’t really give a damn,


gettin spooky up in here

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Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band, at a basement party somewhere in MPLS. good times.

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band, at a basement party somewhere in MPLS. good times.

hey lovelies. I am back from an adventure/misadventure to Minneapolis. Despite being sick and/or whiskey drunk the whole time, and then almost getting stuck overnight in its airport, I must say I am quite enamored with the place. I didn’t manage to get to a show at the Triple Rock, but I did walk past it and sing NOFX lyrics, so, same diff. I did see my buddies in Ex-Nuns rip it up at the Nomad World Pub and Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond fellas were quite hospitable at the Indeed Brewery’s Hullabaloo.

However, not enamored with MPLS enough to leave you, my sweets.

Things That Happened: Seattle punx Murmurs and Bird’s Mile Home played the Doll House last night, and I’m told it was a rip-roaring time with glitter bombs and general frivolity.

Thing That Is Happening: I am all about this band Dark Blue. it’s a cool throwback, slow-ish rock trio from Philly, with members of Ceremony and Paint it Black. very excellent for Halloween/late-fall moping. (The explainy part of my brain is a little frazzled lately, but go listen to it.)

Things That Will Happen: Go peruse the show calendar for some roughly updated info. Of particular interest is the Buddy Jackson tour kickoff show on Wednesday the 22nd, and then on Saturday the 25th, the ZACC hosts Prom of the Dead, which looks to be excellent, since local bands are covering other local bands, like Doug and Kia doing Oblio Joes and Total Combined Weight playing Stellarondo songs. I’m guessing this will have a goofy Rock Lotto vibe to it, plus costumes, which always translates to more debauchery. Oh! and that Detroit noise-metal outfit Wolf Eyes plays on Oct. 29. Even if noise bands aren’t your thing (perfectly understandable) the rest of the lineup looks cool enough to make it a hell of an evening.

Kate Out.

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Hey ‘Zoola!

In non-punk-news, just saw that Disco Bloodbath has been canceled. The City of Missoula didn’t want to support a giant rave! fancy that. that said, I kinda wanted to dress up as a Sexy Frog or Sexy Ebola and go this year. dammit!

Here’s kind of a neat project, like Couchsurfer.com but for bands. although I am a fan of the old fashioned, “Hi, I am the intoxicated person who loves your band and wants you to come party at my house OMG quick let’s go on a beer run” approach.

also, there are many worthy shows to attend to this weekend, but might I point out this Portland band Spellcaster, playing the Palace on Friday night? Definitely #1 winner of metal band promo pics, in my book.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 6.11.50 PM

spellcaster’s wrangler butts. drivin’ me nuts!


party on.

well thank god that’s over

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Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.09.22 AM

Good morning! Or whatever time it might currently be in [your region]!

‘Tis time for another link dump, wherein I basically post everything that I have open in my browser right now. Firstly, there’s a song premiere from New Mexico’s Low Culture, who are on Dirtnap Records, and I basically recommend everything that label puts out.

Oh! Speaking of Dirtnap Records and bands I am unhealthily obsessed with! Check out this little nugget over on goddamn Kepi Ghouli’s site: it looks like Kepi and the Mean Jeans are planning a tour date in Missoula in November. Christmas. Fucking Christmas.

Saturday: Empire Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate at the ZACC. They did #emorevival before it was cool. I realize nobody in Montana understands my stupid emo revival jokes, but whatever man.

If you’re not following the whole dealio with the 1491s and the “Daily Show” and the dumbass Redskins fans, you ought to be, and then go see the 1491s video screening at the Roxy. Hosted by Migizi Pensoneau!

Sarcastic cross-stitching never fails to amuse me, as y’all well know if you’ve ever seen my home decor, but here’s the 20 Rudest Cross-Stitch Phrases.

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