well thank god that’s over

October 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

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Good morning! Or whatever time it might currently be in [your region]!

‘Tis time for another link dump, wherein I basically post everything that I have open in my browser right now. Firstly, there’s a song premiere from New Mexico’s Low Culture, who are on Dirtnap Records, and I basically recommend everything that label puts out.

Oh! Speaking of Dirtnap Records and bands I am unhealthily obsessed with! Check out this little nugget over on goddamn Kepi Ghouli’s site: it looks like Kepi and the Mean Jeans are planning a tour date in Missoula in November. Christmas. Fucking Christmas.

Saturday: Empire Empire! I Was a Lonely Estate at the ZACC. They did #emorevival before it was cool. I realize nobody in Montana understands my stupid emo revival jokes, but whatever man.

If you’re not following the whole dealio with the 1491s and the “Daily Show” and the dumbass Redskins fans, you ought to be, and then go see the 1491s video screening at the Roxy. Hosted by Migizi Pensoneau!

Sarcastic cross-stitching never fails to amuse me, as y’all well know if you’ve ever seen my home decor, but here’s the 20 Rudest Cross-Stitch Phrases.


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