wolves are coming

October 29, 2014 § Leave a comment


hey all! quick note to remind you that Wolf Eyes are playing Stage 112 tonight, and if you do not “get” what their deal is (I do not) perhaps this writeup from the esteemed Josh Vanek will be helpful: “The Detroit band, which has been around for 16 years and which has involved a number of those same Michigan dudes who were around the Couch/Bulb deal, offers a mind-cleansing anti-music to folks who think that rock-and-roll (or punk or hardcore) needs predictability in order to have structure.” Details on the show calendar to your left.

Roger Daltry from the Who said some ridiculous things about the state of music recently, and Lindy West has a kickass takedown: “Roger Daltrey’s none too pleased with the Roger Daltreys of 2014, who, he feels he must point out, are not like Roger Daltrey at all, and are more like Roger PALTRY, if you know what Roger Daltrey means. (He means “get off my lawn”.) ”

And if you haven’t read My Grandma The Poisoner, holy shit go read it. It is so fucking chilling. I prefer to read first-person stories like this with a grain of salt, but it’s still chilling. And, if nothing else, a glimpse into how we can have such blinders on when it comes to people we love.

Relevant to drunk dipshits: Fireball Whisky recalled in parts of the EU over concern about propylene glycol, which is an ingredient in antifreeze. Not that I didn’t already know that Fireball is goddamn poison.

It’s National Cat Day, but it’s also National Bat Week! Yay for bats!


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