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Mean Jeans! with Kepi Ghoulie on the left and Jimmy from Chixdiggit in the jacket.


hey all! The Mean Jeans-Kepi Ghoulie-Bacon and Egg-Hermanas Y Hermanas show was fan-tastic. You probably know, because a ton of people were there. Missoula ruled the school. I am tiiiired. (Also, Jimmy from Chixdiggit drove down from Calgary just to hang out and play. WHY haven’t we gotten Chixdiggit to play here yet?!?)

also, new tradition for after parties at Marty’s: spoon shots. (Via Mean Jeans’ Instagram.)

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all right. back to naptime.



got my mean jeans on and I’m ready to go

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If you peruse the local Missoula Independent this week (it is a free paper that you can find in every coffee shop and on corners downtown) it has two articles pertaining to punk rock. Here’s Dan Brooks musing about whether we get too old for punk rock: “Depending on what you consider “real,” I became a punk at age 14 when I got my first Clash album, or at age 20 when I was first punched at a hardcore show. These events happened between 1991 and 1997. I was young, which is to say that punk rock was in its golden age.”

There’s also myself talking about how, hey, if you need an example of how punk rock is still vibrant and awesome, go listen to Mean Jeans already. And don’t forget that they play the Palace Saturday with Bacon and Egg, Hermanas Y Hermanas and Kepi Ghoulie.

And yeah, I do feel too old for punk rock bullshit, or more precisely, it’s getting harder and harder to stay out late drinking shitty alcohol and dancing around like an idiot. And I LOVE drinking shitty alcohol and dancing around like an idiot, but my body’s like “nuh-uhhh.” It’s true that when I was 18, I’d go to shows and dance around and lose my mind, totally sober, but these days, it takes an increasing amount of caffeine/alcohol/recreational substances to gear up as much. It happens, man. It’s okay. There’s a place for old crabby punx, too. They run the websites.

charlie megira and assorted happenings

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Hey guys! Mean Jeans and Kepi Ghoulie play the Palace on Saturday! It is 18-plus! Tickets are $5 at Ear Candy right now!!!!!!!

Okay, obligatory Mean Jeans plug over. (I am not a promoter for that show in any way, BTW, just a giant nerd for the band. But you guys knew that already.) Anyway, Thursday, Nov. 20, Charlie Megira and the Bet She’An Valley Hillbillies, with members from Tel Aviv and Berlin and other places I have never been, play the Real Lounge along with Teenage Moods from Minneapolis. Three bucks, or a fiver if you’re 18-20, I think. The Stranger has a handy writeup with more details about the guy: “Then I saw him, standing next to an old music-booker friend of mine who’d recently moved to Texas from Tel Aviv: Charlie Megira, dressed in a full black tuxedo, black wraparound sunglasses, and a miles-high black pompadour, with nary a drop of perspiration on his brow. He was basically the coolest person I’d ever seen. And that was before I’d even seen him play.”

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everybody get down on friday

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not the poster for their Missoula show, obvs

not the poster for their Missoula show, obvs

What up, Missoula! It’s a tit nipply out there, and as such there ain’t shit going on until the Mean Jeans show next Saturday with Kepi Ghouli, ’cause God bless them, they’re touring east during the friggin’ polar vortex.

I have so many boners for Mean Jeans, man. Go listen to ’em. I have both their full lengths. I will loan them to you! Except that I will stand over you and frown at you the whole time. So maybe just go get your own.

Anyway, here’s Cumming or Drumming, where Noisey points out what many of us have long known: musicians make sex faces while they play. This turns it into a fun quiz! (It’s safe for work, ish.)

In non-punk news, here’s an essay about how Christmas needs to back the hell off Thanksgiving. I agree.

Also, I read The Kitchn because it has pretty good recipes and tips sometimes, but also it is unintentionally hilarious with stuff like “Beer In Cans is Cool Again.” Well, thank God! I can go back to drinking Pabst tallboys again!

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while everyone else is listening to taylor swift

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What up, Missoula! It weathered! I am an avowed winter-hater but I do enjoy excuses to drink Bayern doppelbock. (Not that I really need an excuse.)

Anyway, I downloaded the free No Sleep Records comp recently, which has some gems on it, like Puig Destroyer and Chris Farren and Run Forever. (One of those things sounds, uh, way different from the others.) It also includes Allison Weiss, who sings lovely indie pop kinda in the vein of Laura Stevenson, and I’m wishing I’d checked her stuff out earlier. I believe she’s toured with Austin Lucas. And she sings a cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” which definitely did *not* make me a little weepy at work. I haven’t even been dumped recently or anything.

in Missoula news, there’s a house show at the Hockey House/House Formerly Known as the Dollhouse this Saturday! With Math Jokes, an emo band out of Yakima. I’d sure be emo if I lived in Yakima. (Lol.) Email me for details if you’re not a cop.

***Eta: it looks like Math Jokes canceled. Poo.

party on!

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ah cripes

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If anybody needs me, I’ll be listening to the only post-election playlist that matters: Paint it Black.

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