guilty pleasures

December 3, 2014 § Leave a comment


In lieu of content, I’m just gonna advise you to check out the tongue-in-cheek lyrical analysis of the “brilliant” rap-metalcore (shudder) group Atilla: “He also chooses this moment to express the raw animalistic urge to gaze upon the female form, a point which he uses subtle repetition to underlie. See if you can catch it: “TITS TITS TITS TITS TITS.” Wow. Powerful and moving.”

Also, to whoever found this blog with the search term “Missoula punk girls,” sorry, we don’t have any girls in our punk scene here. We have a handful ornery broads who smell bad, chug 40s and smoke like chimneys. They wear shirts that say “Vomit Boner” and they fart atrociously. Missoula broads will never love you. They will make out with you sometimes, though.


in the name of the holiday festivities, here’s Chris Farren (from Fake Problems) doing Emo Revival Christmas. It’s… yeah.


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