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hey all, I’m about to float off into the evening for First Friday and Maulers game shenanigans (we’re gonna make the concessions stand serve us nacho cheese in a trough, as God intended) but first, I thought I’d post the Judgmental Maps edition for Missoula, in case you somehow have not seen it. I live near “Professional Spangers” and “Gentrifying.” Northside represent! A friend of mine said she checked the Minneapolis one to figure out a good neighborhood to move into. Lol.

Anyhoo, I had never heard of Judgmental Maps prior to this, but it’s a thing started by a comedian and people can just submit one for their city anonymously. So let’s all start rampantly speculating who could have submitted the Missoula edition. I mean, it’s even got the Satanic temple listed, and all the spots where cop cars lurk. Also not sure that the Smalldickville designation is all that well deserved; I mean, um… *whistles* never mind, go ask your mother.


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  • themrshaddad says:

    As someone purchasing a home in Smalldickville, I too wonder what it means. Maybe a “complex”- people who wanted to live in the slant streets/Rose Park area, but couldn’t afford it. Maybe I’m just projecting because that was our situation, hahaha. Oh well, Smalldickville ahoy!

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