Kate’s Top 10 for 2014

December 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

Well, I am almost ready to give 2014 the boot, soon as I finish my Christmas knitting. (When I party, I party hard, thank yew.) Anyway, here’s some of my favorite albums/singles/whathaveyou, some from this year, some not. Feel free to mock my choices.


10. Antarctigo Vespucci’s “I’m Giving Up on U2”: This is the collaboration between Chris Farren from Fake Problems and Jeff Rosenstock from BTMI, and it is as power-poppy and anthemic as you could hope for. The rest of the album is great, too, but the power chords on this one. Man.


9. Cory Branan, No-Hit Wonder. When I first checked it out (and reviewed it for the Indy using my big fancy words), I was all about the wonderfully bitter ‘The Only You,” which starts, “I got me another girl, she looks like you at 23/ While she sleeps I trace the places where your tattoos used to be.” But since then, I’ve also dug “You Make Me” and basically the rest of the album; it’s cohesive, modern country and rock in the best way. Although nothing on it beats “Prettiest Waitress in Memphis,” but then again, few things do.


8. Lizzo’s Lizzobangers: This Minneapolis rapper kicks ASS, holy shit. Best kinda pump-you-up “I am a badass” tunes of this year. I wanna go out and fight somebody after I listen to her.


7. The Menzingers, Rented World: Of COURSE I had to put the ‘zingers on here (by the way, Google “Memezingers” for jokes that are only hilarious if you are a nerd about their lyrics). I also got to see them and Off With Their Heads when I went to Phoenix in February, which is as close to Fest as I got to be this year [insert sad face] but it was still a magnificent evening. I think I met them and one of the dudes from Andrew Jackson Jihad, but I had taken my glasses off and drank several beers, so I do not specifically recall whom I talked to. But I am still claiming it as a real thing that happened.


6. Tweens, S/T: I dunno if y’all remember seeing Tweens last year at the VFW, but I do, though I cannot for the life of me remember who they opened for (Nervosas maybe???). Nonetheless, I remember really digging the gleeful vocals from their petite singer gal. Their album is chock full of garage-y goodness, with a neat distinctive guitar tone, with standout racks like “Be Mean” and “Girlfriend” being independent you-go-girl kinda instant pop classics. Fun fact: I first downloaded this album just for the bonus track “I’m Gonna Steal Your Boyfriend,” which is so amazing and snarky. (You can listen to it on Spotify, btw.)


5. Joyce Manor’s Never Hungover Again. All of the boners for Joyce Manor, always, even though now NPR has written about them, waaaah. Joyce Manor makes rock that, I can guarantee, I would have loved just as much as a 15-year-old as I do as a 25-year-old; it’s hella angsty, but in a mature way, if that makes any sense.


4. Against Me! “Black Me Out”: I haven’t seen Against Me’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues on many lists; maybe people have forgotten about it since it came out earlier in the year. I have many feelings about Against Me–namely, that the current band might as well have a different name than the iteration that put out Eternal Cowboy, and it’s silly to compare the two– but Laura’s chops have only improved. And “Black me out! I’m gonna piss on the walls of your house!” cannot be denied and you HAVE to sing it while you’re sitting in traffic and weird out the other drivers who can see you.


3. Hospital Job’s The Believer: If you want super-tight, rippin’ good pop punk from members of the Copyrights about being pissed off, this is it. Plus, they played the Palace in spring (April? May? my memory fails me) and were rad dudes.


2. The Creeps’ Eulogies: This Ottowa-based outfit hits a lot of the same sweet spots as Alkaline Trio does for me (namely driving, anthemic pop punk about depression and murder and shit) and as such, it is exuberantly cathartic. Bonus: this band shares members with the awesomely dark and dramatic Crusades, who you should also be listening to. (Hi, can I move to Canada now?)


1. Teenage Exorcists S/T EP. Oh man, how this short, sugar-sweet garage-pop confection lights up my brain. While it didn’t come out this year, I did first hear it in spring, and this is my list, so bite me. Teenage Exorcists are the only thing I’ve heard this year that I always have to listen to if they come up on shuffle. This EP is the first thing I reach for when I have a crush on somebody (which changes from week to week, ha) or just when I’m going on a run and really wanna feel motivated. “I want to be your dog/I want to eat you up/I just want to get stuck inside your head just like your favorite song.” Such good stuff. And it’s free to download on ye olde Bandcamp. Really hoping to see more from this new-ish Cali band.

Oh and bonus pick: Prince’s new album is AMAZEBALLS, and I got it for free because my mom bought it and said it was “too electronic” for her. Double bonus pick because I’m just listening to it right now: D’Angelo’s smooth-as-silk boner-riffic Black Messiah.

If you wanna submit your Top Ten, feel free to email me at missoulapunknews [at] gmail dot com. Party on.


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  • Garmonj0ezia says:

    Greetings from West Virginia

    Thanks for posting this list – I’ve listened to most of these albums since you’ve posted this and mainly will probably make my own year end lists. I’ll be checking back frequently for more good recs. Great blog!

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