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Hey! I meant to post this a week ago! What up (dog).


Also Riff Raff in late February which should just be smashing. Hannibal Burress has a good bit about Riff Raff.

Recommended reading: an excerpt from a book about how federal narcotics agents targeted Billie Holiday. “The Bureau believed that marijuana slowed down your perception of time dramatically, and this was why jazz music sounded so freakish—the musicians were literally living at a different, inhuman rhythm. “Music hath charms,” their memos say, “but not this music.” It goes on to talk about how Billie defiantly stripped and pissed in front of an FBI agent.

Micah Schnabel, who you will recall played here last June with Two Cow Garage and about eight of us lost our minds, has put out a new song!

Here I go again reposting Noisey, but this takedown of Phish and jam bands is so satisfying, especially if you happen to live in a town where jam/bluegrass/jamgrass bands are a dime a dozen. (Cough. Cough.) I don’t dare make fun of jam bands, because this is what happens when you do.

Also, we’re getting Circa Survive at the Wilma. I remember liking the album they put out with the balloon on the cover, and listening to it in some skinny emo boy’s car when I was like 18. I still have a soft spot for skinny emo boys who will never love me. But Circa Survive’s new album… ooof, not so much.


If it makes you happy

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Links for your perusal:

Billings-based rawwwk band and appealingly photogenic Megagiant has a rad new music video out! It’s kind of mysterious. (Also: people are still making music videos?!)

Some members of Iron Chic have put out a record as the band Secret Lives. Rock and/or roll.

The Sidekicks are putting out a new record!

 Speaking While Female. “YEARS ago, while producing the hit TV series “The Shield,” Glen Mazzara noticed that two young female writers were quiet during story meetings. He pulled them aside and encouraged them to speak up more. Watch what happens when we do, they replied.

Almost every time they started to speak, they were interrupted or shot down before finishing their pitch. When one had a good idea, a male writer would jump in and run with it before she could complete her thought.”

Speaking of women who are outspoken! War on Women are putting out a full-length album. Yesss! This is not a drill.

And finally, FIDLAR put out a ridiculous cover of “If It Makes You Happy,” and set it to the original Sheryl Crow video. It roooools.

this future sucks

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Heyo! The show last night at Stage 112 with Sexless, Fish Breath, Weather Control and Carson Luther was excellent, for the decent smattering of people who braved the wind. (God, that wind sucked.) It swung the gamut from dark indie rock to pop punk to loud-ass post punk. I am most pleased.

Okay, this is a stupid gimmick but it’s entertaining: Trash Talk trying to perform while wearing shock collars.

Here’s legendary metal albums, reimagined as vintage jazz LPs. This probably pleases Richard Cheese.

Now here’s something different: Miguel Chen, AKA the cutest member of Teenage Bottlerocket (I mean, um, I’m told) chats about being a Buddhist and incorporating meditation into a punk rock life. Hermmmm.

p.s. I finally got around to listening to the new Brokedowns album and yeah, it rules. Nothing like midwestern orgcore to get a body through winter.

Sexy timezzz

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I'm hungry for pizza now, too

I’m hungry for pizza now, too

Heyo! There’s a show tonight at Stage 112 that looks to be just the antidote to cabin fever. I particularly dig Sexless‘ loud post-punk stylings, which you can check out on their Bandcamp, and Fishbreath is pretty cool too. (Also the first Google autofill entry for Sexless is “Sexless marriage.” Womp-womp.)

Stackedd is a cool new music and culture magazine out of Seattle with features like “how to make cannabis pizza” and this piece on the feminism of Hardly Art (one of my fav. record labels; they have artists like Shannon and the Clams and Hunx and Tacocat and such.) I feel obligated to point out that Hardly Art’s roster, like most of garage punk and indie rock these days, seems heavily white-people-dominated, but their diverse representation of queer folk and women is still pretty rad.

Over at Weird Missoula, Tom’s been doing a cool series on the history of electronic music. Incidentally, Skin Flowers are playing the VFW on Saturday since all of the members are miraculously in the vicinity at one time. Plus, Hermanas Y Hermanas and other such delightful folk are playing. Catch the magic.

Oldie but goodie: 100 of the best street art photos from 2013.

Rolling Stone’s feature on Marilyn Manson is entertaining. Good job, Manson, on being a shy, grape-soda drinking weirdo who’s really good at pretending to be a mega alternative art-goth sex-fiend. I wish I had a Hollywood mansion and had worked more on fostering a cult of personality. But I find colored contacts uncomfortable, so I’ll just settle for people assuming I party more often than I do.

carry on, wayward sons.

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Hi, Divers are a really rad rock band from Olympia that you might not have heard of, because all they put out was a (flawless) EP back in 2011, but THEY ARE RELEASING A FULL ALBUM! AND YOU CAN STREAM IT HERE!

(Lot of coffee today. Ahem.)


ETA: I have it on good authority (Facebook comments, anyway) that Divers are supposed to be touring and playing Montana in March-ish. Yessss!

paul effing mccartney

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You guys, the whole “Who is Paul McCartney?” thing was a joke.

resolutions ‘n such

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Oh hay, what up 2015. I am not posting a certain “100 Resolutions” song, because “not posting 100 Resolutions” is the new “posting 100 Resolutions” in certain punk-nerd circles. Anyway, Sundowner still nicely fits the January malaise, no?

–K. Dubs

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