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January 8, 2015 § 1 Comment

I'm hungry for pizza now, too

I’m hungry for pizza now, too

Heyo! There’s a show tonight at Stage 112 that looks to be just the antidote to cabin fever. I particularly dig Sexless‘ loud post-punk stylings, which you can check out on their Bandcamp, and Fishbreath is pretty cool too. (Also the first Google autofill entry for Sexless is “Sexless marriage.” Womp-womp.)

Stackedd is a cool new music and culture magazine out of Seattle with features like “how to make cannabis pizza” and this piece on the feminism of Hardly Art (one of my fav. record labels; they have artists like Shannon and the Clams and Hunx and Tacocat and such.) I feel obligated to point out that Hardly Art’s roster, like most of garage punk and indie rock these days, seems heavily white-people-dominated, but their diverse representation of queer folk and women is still pretty rad.

Over at Weird Missoula, Tom’s been doing a cool series on the history of electronic music. Incidentally, Skin Flowers are playing the VFW on Saturday since all of the members are miraculously in the vicinity at one time. Plus, Hermanas Y Hermanas and other such delightful folk are playing. Catch the magic.

Oldie but goodie: 100 of the best street art photos from 2013.

Rolling Stone’s feature on Marilyn Manson is entertaining. Good job, Manson, on being a shy, grape-soda drinking weirdo who’s really good at pretending to be a mega alternative art-goth sex-fiend. I wish I had a Hollywood mansion and had worked more on fostering a cult of personality. But I find colored contacts uncomfortable, so I’ll just settle for people assuming I party more often than I do.

carry on, wayward sons.

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