strange fruit

January 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

Hey! I meant to post this a week ago! What up (dog).


Also Riff Raff in late February which should just be smashing. Hannibal Burress has a good bit about Riff Raff.

Recommended reading: an excerpt from a book about how federal narcotics agents targeted Billie Holiday. “The Bureau believed that marijuana slowed down your perception of time dramatically, and this was why jazz music sounded so freakish—the musicians were literally living at a different, inhuman rhythm. “Music hath charms,” their memos say, “but not this music.” It goes on to talk about how Billie defiantly stripped and pissed in front of an FBI agent.

Micah Schnabel, who you will recall played here last June with Two Cow Garage and about eight of us lost our minds, has put out a new song!

Here I go again reposting Noisey, but this takedown of Phish and jam bands is so satisfying, especially if you happen to live in a town where jam/bluegrass/jamgrass bands are a dime a dozen. (Cough. Cough.) I don’t dare make fun of jam bands, because this is what happens when you do.

Also, we’re getting Circa Survive at the Wilma. I remember liking the album they put out with the balloon on the cover, and listening to it in some skinny emo boy’s car when I was like 18. I still have a soft spot for skinny emo boys who will never love me. But Circa Survive’s new album… ooof, not so much.


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