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whoop, whoop, that’s sound of the beasts



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Oh hay! In lieu of proper content, here’s two things with the potential to ruin childhoods:

Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Meets John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ in a Claymation Remake of the Gruesome Blood Test Scene.” Boy, does this ever deliver on the premise.

There’s a 14-minute long unofficial Power Rangers gritty reboot that is pretty amazeballs.

Rock Lotto: How Stella Got Her Groove Back

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beautiful people.

What up, Missoula. I had a dream that this crazy thing called “Rock Lotto” happened, and a bunch of musicians all got together and made whatever kinda music they wanted to and because it was all “just for funzies” it was the least self-serious and best time. You are all so beautiful and shiny and wonderful. Let’s always put eyeliner on the men and underpants on the women and buy each other beers, yes? Everything ruled. The originals were really good! Two months of practice clearly paid off. But also I lost my flippin’ mind to the covers like “Rebel Girl” and “What’s Going On” and whatever that last Fleetwood Mac song was? We were moshing to Fleetwood Mac, there was no time for questions.

ALSO Rock Lotto helped raise almost $4,000 for the ZACC’s Girls Rock Camp, which is such an amazing cause to support and I am so glad that Missoula is a community that makes that kind of thing possible. And thanks to the inimitable Jason McMackin, who should really go into grant writing. (Sample quote from the McMackin School of Fundraising Requests: “This is a good cause. Give us money and get fucked.)

Oh, and here’s the list of bands, with some vague details that I might recall:

1) Dynamite Dave and the Exploding Pants Experience with Somebody’s Cellulite and the Shangrilas’ Tobiko Ministry, and Shane’s Bag of Baby Heads Sextet

Suspenders! Concrete Blonde’s “Joey”! Superb start.

2) Lady Trash

insert: Lady Trash happened at some point with a really marvelous version of “Magic Man.” When did that happen!??

3) The Improbability Drive

Wait. THIS was the trio with Jamie and Nate and a drummer, sorry drummer I do not know your name. Flippin’ killed X-Ray Specs.

4) Blind Felon

Also cannot remember/might have been working the door at the time.

5) Krappenstance

P.S., what I lack in ability to perform basic math, I make up for in my willingness to volunteer at the door when nobody else did.

6) Horsepower

“Rebel Girl.” Right?!? I think.

7) Weird Owl

All I remember is square sunglasses and a spoken-word cover of “Since U Been Gone.” Art school kids represent.

8) Love Puddle

4 Non Blondes, is that you?

9) Buttress and Her Dudies

We were all on a rocket to Mars at this point.

I wish I could more distinctly recount any details, but nope. I’ll try and put up a couple pics and videos later this week, perhaps.

Enough with the men’s shirts already

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Hey! I wrote a thing for The Runout about how I am frustrated at the lack of band-merch options for women. Everyone on Twitter freaked out and thought I took away their beloved T-shirts, I think. But real talk: I am goddamn sick of crew-neck T-shirts. Band merch options that I can (and do) support: beanies! tank tops! mugs! scarves! posters! patches! anything but a frigging T-shirt.

Also, it’s important to consider that only through tank tops do we have this amazeballs picture of one J. McMackin and TacocaT:


I rest my case.

One 50 Shades meme to shut it down

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This post brought to you by procrastination! Anyway, here is the best 50 Shades joke. yes. (Mike Sacco is really one of my favorite Twitter accounts and I am not even a gamer, btw.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 4.43.35 PM

oops hai

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Here is the exciting punk rock content that you come for: there was a show at the Palace last night with Freddy Krueger and Buddy Jackson and Petunia and I remembered it as I was putting on my PJs. Hope y’all had fun!

Here’s some career advice. Here’s Oh Joy Sex Toy’s take on 50 Shades, which will definitely be the most lively illustrated thing you’ve ever seen about that silly book.

Back to work.


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more coherent thoughts: this gets a little more complex but without losing too much of the hardcore ferocity of their EP.

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