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After I griped about inept event submissions, my friend and photographer Jason Rocheleau made this, and it is so glorious I need to share it with you.


❤ < 3 ❤


mountain goats

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I am not currently listening to the new Mountain Goats because I have to listen to mall-emo for work-related reasons, but after I get this review done I will be listening to Mountain Goats.

P.S. it turns out I still kinda dig Coheed and Cambria. what a world.

P.P.S. OH CRAP I just remembered there’s a house show tonight with Calyx, a touring band with members of Cbend and Edhochuli. If you’re not a boring sell-out who works early on Tuesdays, you should go rawwk out.

blurry photos of divers, at your service

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the bingo board really adds a certain ambiance, don't you think?

the bingo board really adds a certain ambiance, don’t you think?

YAY Divers played and made me happy ‘cuz I have listened to their album on repeat since it came out a couple weeks ago. The show was great! Velvet Handlebars, Eat Strike and Buddy Jackson played first, and Divers got a pretty good reception–they have a pretty decent name recognition for not having played here before, methinks. One drunk girl was dancing around a lot and singing along to the choruses shamelessly and apologizes if she spilled beer on you. (Ahem.)

I hereby volunteer to tour with Divers and sing the Erica Freas parts on “Glass Chimes.” I can totally do the raspy thing if I gargle whiskey.



Anyhoo you missed out if you didn’t go, but you can listen to their album here. Tonight! Local bands at Hockey House! It turns out Success will not be here after all, due to some sort of miscommunication, but when it is time to party, we will still party hard.

Camp Daze woo!

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What up, the second annual (!?!?) Camp Daze festival is the last weekend of May. A bunch of bands were just announced in this nifty video.

Bands include Eat Strike, Kithkin, Idaho Green, No Fancy, Couches, Magpies, Joey Running Crane and the Dirty Birds, Wrinkles, Dogbreth, Dragons, Iji, Clarke and the Himselfs, Raven and the Writing Desk, Sun Blood Stories, Lee Corey Oswald, J Sherri, Mesozoic Mafia, Buddy Jackson and a buncha others. Wee!

divers! success! weeeeee

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I spend months whining about the lack of touring bands I like playing here, and suddenly we get back-to-back rad shows with northwest punk bands. So it goes.

Anyway: Divers plays the VFW on Thursday, and I expect to have feelings. Feelings! And then rising pop punk stars (ha!) Success plays the Hockey House on Friday evening, which is crazy, these guys are slated to play Pouzza Fest and open for Masked Intruder later this spring. The lead singer Rev has his own brand of hot sauce, dude. ETA: It turns out there was miscommunication and this isn’t happening. >:-|

Anyway, Ask A Punk or email me to find out where the Hockey House is if you’re not a cop. Or find the Facebook page, whatevs.

Oh and the Wilma is getting Reel Big Fish and Less than Jake in mid-May. Uuuurgh. I feel obligated to go even though, last time RBF played, I was like, “I am too old for this.”

party on,

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March 22 is national quit your job day

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also I’m really happy that the only comment on the YouTube page is “fuck you steve”

p.s., there’s a ton of rad things happening in the coming week. check the show calendar for some vague details and then draw your own conclusions.

had enough Butty Jackson yet??

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’cause there’s more! I think this show is supposed to be a little more prompt than the last few because everyone who is playing is old and tired. #trupunx.


***had to crop the flyer to get it to fit, but Holy Lands, Colin Uriah Johnson and new outfit Deadbeats are playing, too.

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