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“mid-20s punk rock asshole”

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Hello punx news readers, here is an actual news item that might be of interest, particularly if you’re from Great Falls: “Homeless man exposes himself, brandishes knife outside Missoula bar.” The ‘homeless man’ in question is none other than Bret Ingram, and he is charged with felony assault, among other things, for waving his penis around outside the T&C and brandishing a knife.

The court documents that describe the incident say that Ingram yelled “Do you wanna f*****g die?” and called a woman outside the bar a “f*****g c**t.” (And yes, that is how court documents bleep obscenities.)

Bret is also charged with resisting arrest; along the way he called the arresting officers a variety of colorful expletives.

Anyway, here is a recent photo of Bret from a Craigslist personal ad that by all accounts seems to have been posted by him. (I cropped out the other people in the photo since I have no idea who they are.)


And here is the text of that Craigslist ad:



His bail was set at $15,000 but it looks like somebody already posted the minimum amount for him to be released. I have never actually interacted much with Bret, but in ensuing Facebook discussions, a couple women have said that he has been aggressive toward them with unwanted advances.

So… See you at Buddy Jackson tonight! Let’s start a circle pit.

face the strange

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Nick Ryan not pictured.


Hey kids! as a good, like, hundred of you know, David Bowie tribute outfit Glass Spiders Featuring Nick Ryan (TM) played the VFW last night. They were there to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and by God, they were all outta bubblegum.

Full disclosure: I am not super familiar with David Bowie’s catalogue, but those are still some good-ass tunes. And good ass tunes. We should have David Bowie cover bands every weekend! Except then I would be pregnant, probably.

If you missed the show, a little birdie told me this was just a warm-up for a bigger event planned for later this year at another venue, so fingers crossed that works out.

also, Buddy Jackson’s residency at the VFW continues on Thursday nites with special guests, and the cover is a couple bucks. let the good times roll.

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Rockers in the house 2nite

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Word up: The Shondes are a kickass feminist rock band playing the VFW tonight (Friday, that is), and Hermanas Y Hermanas are gonna be there to hang out, too. And it’s FREE, hot damn! 21-plus as far as I know. Check out what the Indy’s Erika had to say about The Shondes (and Erika knows her stuff when it comes to riot grrrl.)

Party on!

Buddy Jackson residency kicks off this week!

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party like it’s on sale for $19.99!


Mondays are for hardcore

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Activist punk’s not dead!

Over at the Runout, Bryne Yancey has a thoughtful piece about the Baltimore band Old Lines–it’s always cool to read actual reported pieces about bands, kind of a rarity on the interwebs these days–and you can stream the Old Lines album. Radness. “One of the many personal definitions of punk is a genre of music where ideas can be freely expressed, where yes, the music is aggressive, but only because the ideas demand aggression. It’s literally the sound about being pissed off about injustice, be it personal or something bigger. That seems to get forgotten more and more.”

P.S. Buddy Jackson’s Thursday nite VFW residency starts this month, I think.

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