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Hey all, quick note to say that the second-ever Camp Daze festival is happening, and you should peruse the schedule and get hip to the shenanigans.

Also I wrote a short piece for the Indy recapping the magic that was PromCommon on Tuesday over at the VonCommon art studio, so you should peruse that. It’s not often we get to write about scantily clad dancing men.

scampering back to my lair.

OH. And Worriers and Caves play the VFW Sunday after next, June 7, and that will rule.


Total Fest Announcements: Holy Balls Edition

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Benny the Jet Rodriguez!


Ah doods. I am so excited about the bands announced so far for Total Fest, Aug. 20-22 in glamorous downtown Missoula. According to the internet, they include but are not limited to:

Magpies! Benny and the Jet Rodriguez! It Really Is! Fireballs of Freedom! Kitten Forever! Naomi Punk! Divers! Mr Dad! Free Music! Deep Creeps! Lana Rebel! Buildings! Broken Water! Prizehog! Australia’s Dead! Mega Bog! Funeral and the Twilight! Vaz! Big Business!

and I’ve heard there will be some cool reunions from beloved Jay’s bands of olde, too, hint hint. Much stokage.

mother maeth I

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*very metal voice* Hey guys, Maeth plays the Joey RC VFW residency tonight and it should be metallllllll. Plus other soul-shredding guests like Shramana, False Teeth and Ghost of Glaciers.

*ACDC voice*so for those about to rock, we…

ah, never mind.


Get your podcast on

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Check out Big Sky Sub Rosa, a newly revived podcast hosted by Kelly Lacroix of Noise Noise Noise and Megagiant fame. This episode features lots of good tunes from the likes of the Fleshies and Tenement, plus and an interview with some Batman-obsessed nerd and other guests. You can download, stream or find it on YouTube ‘cuz Kelly’s cool like that.

Ska weekend memoriez with LTJ and RBF

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Aw yeah, you know I went to Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at the Wilma on Saturday, and you know I skanked it up real good and proper-like. I crack a lot of jokes but whatever, there’s a reason RBF is still selling out venues after all this time—they put on a good show, they mix up their setlist but always include the favorites, and Hawaiian shirts will never go out of style.

Here’s some pictures of RBF taken by Kyle “Potted Meat Product” Kulseth. Would’ve snapped some of Less Than Jake but they played last and by that point we were too busy picking it up. “Johnny Quest” will be stuck in my head forever.

IMG_20150516_205145213 IMG_20150516_205239746 IMG_20150516_205304768 IMG_20150516_205337985 IMG_20150516_205347913

side note: had the realization that Reel Big Fish songs are still just about the most perfect lyrics when it comes to describing my personal life, which would be a tad bleak except that there’s horns! nothing can ever be bleak with a horn section. I should get one to follow me around at the bars.

P.S. the Joey Running Crane and the Dirty Birds residency continues at the VFW this Thursday! With special guests from outta town and metal covers. Woo.

One Last Party! Words and pictures.

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Minneapolis: a Brief Travelogue. I can’t afford to Fest anymore, but all I do at Fest is watch midwestern pop punk bands anyway, so this was a pretty darn good facsimile.


Slow Death played on a teensy stage with, like, five guitars, including Mikey Erg. Sounded like absolute garbage, honestly, but it was still fun as hell.


and of course, would not be a Minnesota experience without Nato Clues and the Blue Diamond Band tearing it up.


Copyrights yeaahhhhh I always forget what a fox their lead singer is.


this band was “not” Cleveland Bound Death Sentence, but played a ton of CBDS songs and yeah it also ruled


Indonesian Junk! rippin’ good garage-y punk, highly recommend.


Dave Strait. yeah. screw that guy!

I was gonna write more, but then I hung out after the All Eyes West show at the Badlander last nite way past my bedtime. Dudes played really well and then we partied with a beagle at Grant’s house. Rock ‘n roll! Here’s hoping their drive to Seattle today isn’t too gnarly.

Come see All Eyes West tonight!

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Hello, your faithful editor gal is ALIVE, and grateful for fun timez and cool peeps in Minneapolis. I will probably blather on at some point about One Last Party and getting to see Copyrights and Iron Chic and kickin’ it with Mikey Erg.

But also, feeling superbly grateful to be back in our beautiful land of mountains and rivers and cheap PBRs. I know. Me and the feelings. So many of ’em.

So! Tonight at the Badlander there’s a rad show with All Eyes West, an Illinois outfit that I saw a bit of when they played One Last Party on Saturday. Small world! Buddy Jackson and Deadbeats and Mido Skip are playing too and it is FREE, so you gots no excuses. I’ll Febreeze myself and hang out.

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