Ska weekend memoriez with LTJ and RBF

May 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

Aw yeah, you know I went to Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish at the Wilma on Saturday, and you know I skanked it up real good and proper-like. I crack a lot of jokes but whatever, there’s a reason RBF is still selling out venues after all this time—they put on a good show, they mix up their setlist but always include the favorites, and Hawaiian shirts will never go out of style.

Here’s some pictures of RBF taken by Kyle “Potted Meat Product” Kulseth. Would’ve snapped some of Less Than Jake but they played last and by that point we were too busy picking it up. “Johnny Quest” will be stuck in my head forever.

IMG_20150516_205145213 IMG_20150516_205239746 IMG_20150516_205304768 IMG_20150516_205337985 IMG_20150516_205347913

side note: had the realization that Reel Big Fish songs are still just about the most perfect lyrics when it comes to describing my personal life, which would be a tad bleak except that there’s horns! nothing can ever be bleak with a horn section. I should get one to follow me around at the bars.

P.S. the Joey Running Crane and the Dirty Birds residency continues at the VFW this Thursday! With special guests from outta town and metal covers. Woo.


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