Not 23 anymore

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Ooh! Lookit! A fierce Canadian punk band is playing the VFW tonight!

Mobina Galore

Mobina Galore!

They play along with Tiny Plastic Stars, Sunraiser and Forgetful Bitties. Not sure if there’s a cover.


Eat rocks, mom and dad

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Study finds that if you sit metalheads down and let them listen to tunes for a while, “The music helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt, but also left them feeling more active and inspired.”

In other news: Satan reportedly unimpressed with 2015 metal selection.

Weekend plans…

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Harvesting that D.


Get jazzy…

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I didn’t really make it out to much this past weekend; although I did see Shitty Weekend play at the VFW Friday. Love how messy and energetic those guys are, although it’s not quite the same if they’re playing at 10 PM, versus playing a crazy after-show at 3 AM. Y’know.

Anyway today the internet is going nuts about finding the designer of the “jazz” paper cup logo, which is kind of cute, even though frankly I just associate the logo with crappy hospital cafeterias. Enjoy.

Songs about…

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Having one of those days.

A Guide to Missoula for Out-of-Town Punx

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Editor’s note: Since I get plenty of emails from bands looking to book shows in Missoula and people trying to move here, here’s some basic info so I can quit repeating myself.

Do you have a punk scene in Missoula?

That’s what this crappy blog is for, duh.

I’ve looked through your site a little bit. Does everyone in Missoula love inane pop punk and third-wave ska as much as you do?

Sadly, no. But I’m the one running this website.

What are good venues to play?
As of right now, June 2015, your best options for Missoula are the Ole Beck VFW, the ZACC (which is all ages and DIY) and Stage 112. You can also try the Palace Lounge or Badlander.

What about the rest of the state?

If you’re interested in touring in Bozeman, try Ross at Whistle Pig. His restaurant is really good, too. Butte is a cool historic town to get drunk in, but I don’t really know if they have shows there. You can also have a good time at Jester’s in Helena. Billings is… oof. It’s Billings.

Email Marty?
How prescient of you to ask! If you’re looking to book a punk show in Missoula you should first probably email Marty at minorbirdrecords at gmail dot com. If he seems enthusiastic right away, that’s a good sign. If not, maybe seek elsewhere.

I have a show booked in Missoula and the venue has asked me to find locals to open for us. Who would be good bands to open for us?

Well, that seems like a crappy thing for a venue to ask of someone who’s unfamiliar with this town. I have no idea. Try Buddy Jackson.

Where can I learn about what shows are happening in Missoula?
There’s a half-assed show calendar on this very website that will help you out. The Weird Missoula blog posts infrequently but Tom knows his stuff. There’s also a very excellent free alt-weekly (that I work for) that covers local arts and entertainment. Read a newspaper. It’s good for you.

Why should I even play this podunk town?

Here’s 10 Reasons Not to Skip Missoula on Your Next Tour. No. 11: It’s pretty here.

Do you have house venues?

Maybe. Are you a cop?

What are good hangouts?

Check out Ear Candy. Get coffee at Butterfly Herbs. Lurk at the VFW and the Golden Rose. Watch weird art-y films at the Roxy. Get brunch at the Burns Street Bistro. Listen to KBGA College Radio even though it’s really weird sometimes. The staff and clientele of most of these places are dirty scoundrels, i.e., good people to know.

I have a question that’s not covered here.

Oh fine. Jeez. Email me at missoulapunknews [at] gmail dot com.

may you have a Shitty Weekend

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Hello, summertime adventures! It can’t all be lazing around your friend’s house watching Green Day music videos. Gotta get off your butt sometimes.

This weekend is Big Sky Pride in Missoula, Thursday through Saturday, with parades and boylesque and cabarets and all sorts of other celebrations of diverse identities.


Also, Portland’s Shitty Weekend plays the VFW on Friday and Philly’s Edhochuli plays the Hockey House on Saturday. If you click those links, they lead to Bandcamps with name-your-own-price downloads for their albums. Party on.

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