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Well frands, we seem to have entered a little bit of a lull before August slams us with Richard Dreyfest and Total Fest. This is all right by moi. There are a couple shows coming up this week, though, in particular the Shramana tour kickoff on Wednesday. Now 100 percent more Shakespearian!


rock on.


kiss the bottle, ad nauseum

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this is the first Google result for Lucero. Ben Nichols has really changed his hairdo since I saw them last

this is the first Google result for Lucero. Ben Nichols has really changed his hair since I saw them last

heyyyyy sad-sacks, Lucero plays the Top Hat tonight. Tickets are like $20.  The last time I saw Lucero, it turned into the kind of night that Lucero songs are about. So we’ll see how this goes, hmm?

There’s also a show of the more indie-rock persuasion at Stage 112, and a residency at the VFW. Pick your poison! I have work tomorrow but whatever!


Enter the D

July 21, 2015 § 2 Comments

heh their band name has "dick" in it

heh their band name has “dick” in it

So *tonight*, Tuesday, Illinois anarcho punk outfit Autonomy plays the VFW. (Peeps thought they were playing Wednesday but there was a mixup, I believe.) So let’s all rage tonight if we see fit! I don’t think there’s a cover charge.

Wednesday, locals including Deadbeats and I think Jake Osborne play the VFW.

And because the fun don’t stop, Aussie indie pop outfit Dick Diver plays the VFW Thursday, as part of the Dragon Parfait presidency residency. (Typos are fun sometimes.)

OH! And Thursday night is Lucero at the Top Hat. The weather forecast calls for whiskey, scruffy dudes and garbled singalongs.

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we’ll always have limp wrist

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having to do some Adulting(TM) this week and I am not the best at it, but hey, you’re never too old for queer hardcore

also, RIP Weakerthans. Not that I was ever gonna see em live anyway. but poo.

(No, I’m not gonna post Left and Leaving or Plea From a Cat Named Virtute, those songs make me feel too many feelings.)

let’s get wild

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Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.34.48 AM


Had to crop this, but the missing bit of relevant info is that it’s at the VFW and it “starts” at 9 PM. (Side note: I’m saving up a really big rant about shows starting ridiculously late, and it will change nothing, but it will be really satisfying.)

Check out Wildcat’s demo on Bandcamp. Dunno who the other bands are, ‘cept for those nerds in Dead Beats.


Assorted summer fun fun fun

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Couple flyers for various fun things coming up:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 5.19.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.32.53 AM

since that weekend is also the Northside/Westside Block Party on Saturday *and* Sunday Streets *and* your faithful editor’s birthday rager, I predict a helluva weekend. Let’s drink like we’ve finally aged out of our parents’ health care plan! Crap!

ETA: post updated bc the Shannon flyer had the wrong date on it.

happy shark week

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The Hard Times is doing “Crust Punk Week” instead of Shark Week and it is perfect.

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