Panaderia: bringing the carbs your way

August 10, 2015 § Leave a comment


Last-minute show announcement: Panaderia plays the VFW tomorrow, Tuesday, along with esteemed guests like Tiny Plastic Stars, Weathermen, Bull Market and Jay Walter. Panaderia’s a new project from the dude behind Pizza Time; I’m not sure if Panaderia has recorded anything but you can go check out Pizza Time and get a jist of what he’s about, I suspect. Garage punk about pizza! Where can you go wrong?

11792025_955172921191450_2855211261500161269_oIn other pizza-related news, I had a measly four slices at Total Feast last night at Biga before I tapped out. Also, attending these things sober reminds me how lousy I am at normal human interaction.

In non-Missoula happenings, there’s new tunes out lately from former Latterman peeps, including a song from Iron Chic and Tender Defender. I have mixed feelings about Tender Defender’s name but the tuneage is way solid. If you’re into RVIVR/Iron Chic-esque anthemic rock and roll, anyway.

In TV happenings: I have not watched the season finale of True Detective yet, but as soon as I do, I’m going to go read the Awl’s Moments From True Detective, Ranked, because it’s definitely the most incisive and biting commentary of the show yet. And it’s just literal quotes from the stupid show. The stupid show that I have religiously watched with buddies every Monday.

Which reminds me, here’s excellent crime fiction you should be reading instead of watching garbage television. Or after watching garbage television. Either way. I finished “Girl On The Train” while at home by myself late at night and then had terrible nightmares. It’s great.

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