my god, don’t talk to me, I’ve got anxiety

August 11, 2015 § Leave a comment


First things first: v. interesting news item about the former singer for Gwar, Vulvatron, beating the crap out of an (alleged) jerk.

On to other news:

This post on dealing with anxiety at DIY punk shows from The World According to Nouns popped up on my Twitter. I’m not sure about the whole kava thing, since I gather that it can be hard on your liver, but overall, this seems like some pretty sensible advice, including, “There may be times when you need to take a break and you don’t have anyone to talk to or there’s a gap between bands and WHAT DO YOU DO? Just read something. I’ve been bringing books to shows since like 1992 and it’s because I’m so scared of everyone. If someone calls you pretentious you can tell them to shove it.”

(Side note for non-bookworms: if a gal is reading a book by herself, she doesn’t want you to talk to her. She wants to read her book and be left alone. Love, someone who reads in public and gets pestered for it frequently.)

Going to shows used to be super awkward for me as a teenager who didn’t know how to talk to other human beings. I still don’t really know how to talk to people, but I am over the age of 21 now and can purchase alcohol. And that is that.

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