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editor note: David Parsons, of Humpy and Sasshole fame, submitted this rad essay. thanks!

I think Humpy nick-named Josh Vanek back in the early middle ‘90’s when we were handing off (via dat tape and handshake) our song for the “landlocked” comp he was releasing.   I hadn’t met the dude prior to that exchange, and as a result/but of course he made a great first impression on me, and over the 20+ years that I’ve known him I’ve had several adventures (insert parantheseid “mis” in front if you would like) that I will treasure.  And now we hear the screech of the brakes as I stop.  Because I am not going to wax reminiscient.  Do you want me to keep going?  If you truly do want that, then you should really stop wanting that.


I really liked what Kate wrote about Humpy because it made me feel old, which is, I think, what 48 ought to feel like.  Not my fault/not a bad thing, right?  Sure, unless you’re talking about punk rock.  I am of the mindset that all rock-not just punk, but punk in particular-is made for young people. Once your band has reached a certain “age” and you have been become irrelevant, it is appropriate for younger bands and younger crowds to run you over.  Don’t wait for them to dispose of your body, save them the work and respectfully crawl to the ditch yourselves.  And don’t expect that they will cannibalize you, because your flesh doesn’t taste good anymore, although if (some) do enjoy the taste, they should start eating you before you are completely dead.  Respect?  Seriously?  Get out of the way, now THAT is respect.

As far as Humpy and Sasshole, and not practicing what I preach?  Yeah, I need to be better, I’ve never been good at that.  Speaking personally, I wish I would have played better re: Sasshole’s totalfest set.  And for Humpy I’m glad that Denis (original bass player) got to play and didn’t have a heart attack. Again.

Stunod is doughnuts spelled backwards.

Thank you, dp

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