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November 11, 2015 § Leave a comment


Next week is shaping up to be just radical, kids, especially if you like cool bands and being out ridiculously late on a school night. (I like that first thing much more than that second thing.)

Anyway, there’s Shellshag on Monday night, and we all know what a magical experience that will be. I do believe that Shellshag is planning an excursion to Fred’s when they get into Missoula, so I am saving my dolla bills for that.

I also just found out that rad-ass grungy UK punk band Pale Angels will be the next night. Mikey Erg helped found it, and even though I don’t think he’s on this tour, I am still a fan of basically every project he’s every been involved in and this is no exception. Excellent.

Shellshag is 18-plus. I’m not sure about Pale Angels since this flyer is basically all the info I have:


In National Punk News (lololol) The Runout has a very good piece about why stage divers can go suck an egg:

People were visibly upset at these studded-jacket gymnasts but that didn’t stop it from happening, nor did the club do anything about it. This kind of shit is just to be expected. It’s the bird shit on your windshield. It’s the dog shit on your shoe.

The Billings punk scene that I experienced as a #teen was very much dominated by the kind of douchebags who think that being punk rock is all about discarding any respect or consideration for other people. No, idiots, punk rock is about having no respect or consideration for YOUR body, not others, Sheesh. Chug a 40 why dontcha.

(Kidding. Mostly. By the way, the Golden Rose has a happy hour at 10 AM. I’m told.)

That is the latest hott punk rawk news. Because I am extremely cool and in A Mood, I have been listening to a lot of Airborne Toxic Event lately as well as El Vy, which is the new project from Matt Berninger of The National. It’s like The National but snappier, if that makes any sense, and I am stoked because I have listened to all of my National albums to absolute death.

And no, those are not “punk” bands, but if you have a problem with the bands I like, feel free to start your own website about music and maintain it for three-plus years, then we’ll talk.

Really, please do. Marty needs more people to email with last-minute show announcements.

come at me bro,

missoulapunknews [at] gmail dot com






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