DIY T-shirt into Mini-Dress Refashion

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My eternal dilemma is that I get drunk and buy T-shirts when I’m out at shows, and then have no idea how to actually wear them, because I prefer to wear dresses over leggings. So when my mom gave me a sewing machine for Christmas, I was stoked, because it was time to unleash all my Pinterest browsing unto my closet. First up: a Total Fest T-shirt that’s always been a little too short to wear without a tank-top underneath. Now it’s a saucy lil’ Total dress!

If you’re a DIY-er who’d like to try a similar T-shirt refashion, here’s some explanation about what I did. As is the custom of my people, I didn’t read any instructions or advice for how to do this, and kinda winged it the whole way through.

Warning: I have no idea if this is how you’re supposed to do this, because I haven’t had any sewing lessons since the last Bush administration. Using a serger would be hella easier than the way I did it, but I don’t have a serger, so this is how we do. If you do know about sewing and can tell me how to do this better, by all means hit me up in the comments.


We begin with our T-shirt that’s going to be the top of the dress. I picked this one because it already fit my shoulders and chest really well, so I didn’t have to do any re-sizing there. I trimmed off about six inches from the bottom, because I was going to attach other shirts to that.


Then I picked two other T-shirts that were a similar soft cotton/poly blend that’s slightly stretchy. Yay for stretch! It’s forgiving if you’re a noob and lazy about doing proper measurements.

So I cut the purple and green shirts into rectangular sections. Then I just pinned right sides together and stitched across for each section. I used the 01 stitch on my Singer sewing machine, because it seemed like it would make for a stronger seam than just the 00 one. This would come back to haunt me when I had to rip stitches out later.

IMG_4814 IMG_4817









Getting all the seams to align is where I think I screwed up. Instead of attaching each section in two different front/back strips, and then seaming the sides, I should have left the strips of T-shirt whole, pinned them all around and then sewn it, the way you’d attach a sleeve or something. But this didn’t occur to me when I was drinking beer in my bathrobe on Sunday morning, now did it?

The green fabric on the bottom was from an oversized men’s T-shirt, which gave me enough fabric to cover my ass, albeit not generously. I was careful to attach it so the original hem of the shirt could serve as the hem of the dress. I also left little side slits so it wouldn’t be quite as tight.


yeah, rigid precision is not my strong point

Unfortunately, I didn’t size the skirt generously enough the first time, and had to spend an hour ripping out the seams and re-pinning and sewing it to be much wider. This is what I get for just eyeballing it instead of doing any measuring or sizing. You can kind of see below where the side seam is a little wonky. There’s also some small holes because I’m bad at ripping out seams. It wouldn’t be punk rock without some shoddy handiwork, right?FullSizeRender[1]

Here’s a last look at the finished project. It might be a little rough around the edges, but it’s cute and super comfortable. See you in the pit!


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time to chuck your pantera shirt I guess

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Yeah… that dude from Pantera is racist, guys, let’s not pretend otherwise. The Hard Times crushed it with this one.

if ya think I’m sexy

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Shout-out to Orange Street Food Farm’s speakers today because they played Rod Stewart, and I was reminded that it’s been a while since I played this song on repeat. Possiby my favorite thing about Rod Stewart: He’s an avid model-railroad enthusiast and brings his whole setup on tour with him.

My other favorite thing about Rod Stewart: THOSE PANTS.

Come on sugar, let me know.

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Lick it, yeah

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Oh dude, have you checked out this Minneapolis band Tongue Party?

I thought to myself, “We gotta get them for Total Fest” and then remembered… :’O

but no really if you want some meaty guitars, half-discernable yelling vocals and sludgy pop in your day, get after it.


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Firstly: David Bowie. Moment of silence. I am legit sad about this. Glass Spiders are supposed to be doing another Bowie tribute night at the Top Hat on March 5 and it is likely that I will just bawl through the whole thing.

Moving on.

Here are some things to look forward to in following weeks:

Friday the 22nd, Dear Rabbit, which I recall being a fun psychfolky Arizona band but dont’ quote me on that, graces the VFW along with Petunia and Rock & Roll Girlfriend. W00t!

January 29th, the Berning Man mini-festival starts at 2 PM in support of Bernie Sanders! With bands including Cairns, Tiny Plastic Stars, Idaho Green and Helena’s Star Cocoon, plus local artists and all the ridiculous Bernie puns you can handle.


January 30, one Jason McMackin, Esq., celebrates his birthday with a show that will probably be a sober and dignified affair. Oh, wait, except Total Combined Weight is playing. HAW.

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