Planned Parenthood fundraisers, metal bands and trashy talk

April 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

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get slutty

I haven’t blogged in a while, so here’s a fun dump of crap for you. this post involves an embarrassing amount of things related to myself.

first things first*

(*I can never say that without responding, in my head, ‘I’m the realest,’ because I am a piece of millennial garbage who’s heard that Iggy Azalea song Fancy too many times)

anyway, there’s a benefit for Planned Parenthood on Saturday! at the ZACC! with comedy, bands, raffles and more! I can’t find the flyer online but here’s the Facebook event. $6, all ages, 7 pm, at the ZACC, with comedy from Sarah Aswell, Zack Troxel, Kyle Kulseth, Zack Jarvis, and bands including Drift, Deadbeats, Mido Skip, Eat Strike, Bozeman’s Zenitram and Blaine Janes, featuring yours truly as a second guitarist and assistant yelling person. whaaaaat yes I know crazy.

enjoy this blurry cellphone image

enjoy this blurry cellphone image

let’s see, also, Tacocat played the VFW Sunday night and it was the bees’ knees. I haven’t seen Tacocat in years, I don’t think, and since they last played Missoula they’ve really upped their slumber-party-on-molly aesthetic and also have some super solid jams. Surfing the crimson wave today!

also, in Kate Learns To Sew, I took this plaid Wrangler shirt, cut off the sleeves, sewed it smaller, and added a Mean Jeans patch made from a shirt that didn’t fit me. now it’s long enough to cover my ass when I’m wearing janky old see-through leggings! w00t.


pro tip: stand with your legs far apart so your thighs look amazing

ALSO, Marles Sparkley, host of the Trailers and Trash talk show hosted on YouTube, had me over for a live interview. I unveil the mysteries of being a working journalist who runs a poorly maintained punk blog on the side. A dog was under the table below us, licking his balls, so we kept getting distracted by that. just fyi. Thanks to Mr. Sparkley for inviting me on!

mmkay. lessee. last thing: Texas metal band Absu plays the Place on April 12, and DIVERS!!!! plays the VFW on April 14. See y’all there.



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