mother may I

May 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

hello! quick note to say that I am alive, and that it would be really feeble of me if I only ever posted on this blog to tell you about when “my” band is playing shows. so I am definitely not posting here, now, to do that. how silly.

anyhoo the show calendar is updated, which I do try to do with regularity although I am less clued-in to the scene these days since I’m not a calendar editor, nor am I going out to shows as often. Full-time, 9-5 work will make you a poser. I’m just telling you right now.

shoutout to the touring bands who have been contacting me, yes, I am delighted that summer touring season is starting! reminder that the FAQ on the site is still a handy resource and I am still not booking shows. I leave that to the Martys and Kyleses of this world.

also, worthy events are coming up include Eel Fest on May 27, Glass Spiders in Butte on June 11, Helms Alee at the Palace on June 19 and Amayafest on June 27.

party on.



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