Armaund Hammer

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Been wondering just who/what this Armaund Hammer is? Look no further than this write-up from one Joseph Running Crane:

John Samuel Brown and I have been trying to start a band together since the early/heady days of 2009 or so. We played a couple shows together at the ZACC gallery and really dug each others’ stuff. Like with anyone else I try and start a band with, however, it would take at least three to four years before schedules, locations and overall motivation could synchronize enough to get us in the same goddamn room with some goddamn instruments. Even then, Sam approached me about playing drums for a band that would eventually become Armaund Hammer, and I had to turn him down like a moron. A big, smelly moron.

And hot darn, Armaund Hammer rules.

I heard them for the first time while working door at the loveable VFW, and found myself immediately regretting my decision to not swat those skins for Sam.

As a two-piece, Sam holds things together with gruff, early Jawbreaker-vibe vocals and dirty, dirty guitar work. Bryan Gardner plays those drums in the manner we’ve been enjoying for years and picks up perfectly the vibe Sam and his git lays down. Impassioned vocally and messy instrumentally, Armaund Hammer’s overall songwriting holds it all down and ensures things never go off track. Maybe a little, but hell, bands are boring unless they look like they’re gonna fuck up sometime.

After I got off shift from the door, I ran up to Sam and asked to play bass. He said sure. He’s a nice guy.


Listen to Armaund Hammer on Bandcamp.

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The King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split! It’s ALIIIIVE!

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Coolio, the King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split has come to fruition! Click here for the Shitty Weekend side and click here for the King Elephant side.

Joey keeps bugging me to get a proper profile of King Elephant on here, which strangely legitimizes this goofy blog o’ mine if people take it that seriously, but honestly, I am not qualified to write it on account of bias. (I can be unbiased about, say, Buddy Jackson, because those guys are dummies, obviously.) King Elephant is awesome, the culmination of all the sounds I like to hear, all fast punk rock and desperate vocals and an “uncool” level of passion. With such talented, angsty and cute dudes in the band, they have a lot going for them. I sincerely hope they can go far. And that somebody else writes the proper review for me.

King Elephant on Facebook.

King Elephant’s full length, Exhaust, on Bandcamp.



King Elephant: the bar napkin write-up

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King Elephant is a band. This is their write-up. Cronyism alert: this write-up was written with full supervision and approval of Ryan and Joey.

King Elephant: best crotch thrusts in the West! Ryan-Ry Ry- puts out, baby. And they sound like good sounds, sometime.

**** I love you guys and will post a real write-up very soon.****


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I ran into Gretchen’s drummer, Joey, and asked him about the band, and he described it as “when punk kids try to make metal music.” Eh, I can’t find a better descriptor. Less of the slow headbangy bits and more of the fast ‘let’s flail around and hit people with our elbows’ bits. Righteous.

Shramana’s Regicide has this to say over at Dirty Flannel: (Click here for his full write-up.)

“Another hard-hitting local, Gretchen is another band created from the incestuous toxic sludge that is the Missoula punk/heavy music community… it’s unlikely you don’t know who Ryan Bilunka, Josh Jacka and Joey Running Crane are. Their combined musical track record could stretch from here to the moon, including Shramana, King Elephant, Goddammitboyhowdy!, The Holy Family Mission Band, Bird’s Mile Home, Suicide Victim, This Band Kills Fascists, Blue Boy Destroy, POA, JackTopTown, Heiress Pilton, Haymarket Overture, Bridgebuilder and well, you get the idea. These dudes live to play and their excellent musicianship is readily apparent.”

Around since: 2012?

Members: Joey- Drums, Ryan- Guitar/Vocs, Josh – Guitar/Vocs


Cat Heaven

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For being a band of dweebs, these guys deliver what they promise: fun, fast pop punk. They keep threatening to not play shows anymore, so catch ’em while you can!

“Supergroup” is a strong word, but Cat Heaven is comprised of three notable Missoula musicians–Ethan from Whoopass Girls, Tyson Ballew, head honcho at Tummyrock records and frequent solo artist, and Grant, who you may remember from such films as “Buddy Jackson” and “Jinx Removing.”

(I mean ‘dweebs’ in the most loving way possible.)

Grant Geiger (pictured)- Drums
Tyson Ballew- Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Ethan J. Uhl- Bass, Guitar, Screamy vocals
Audrey Pennings- Vocals

Releases: The Litterbox Sessions, Oct. 2011


My Two Dads

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Ed. Note: Reggie over at Dirty Flannel has a write-up about My Two Dads, a hardcore band featuring members of Thug Nasties. If you’d like to submit a band profile or have me link to yours, email me at justwhittlin at hotmail dot com:

Some people just play because it’s fucking fun as shit. This is obviously the case with My Two Dads.
Drummer Justin Gaither and bassist Chris Justice have been playing in bands together for years, starting with their first band in high school, The KIAs of Great Falls. Since, these two have been in a menagerie of bands together, most notably The Thug Nasties of Missoula, MT.
I love My Two Dads (HA!) because they are the quintessential local punk band. Every town has one, every town needs one, and every one sounds different, has a different character, tone and feeling to it. Of course, this is not to say they’re not good in their own right, but there’s a feeling of tradition being carried on here. There’s no pretense whatsoever, it’s just play fast and loud because doing it feels good. And it shows. Being the good friends that they are, they write songs about their mutual interests. Hits like “TPK” (ie, “Total Party Kill,” a Dungeons and Dragons reference), “Fox Lighter” and numerous dutiful lightning-fast ditties about too much to drink make up their set list, which clocks in at around 18 minutes (onstage banter and guitar retuning included).


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Petunia’s music is best enjoyed blaring from a crappy boombox while you drink moonshine and drive your tractor up and down the “strip.” Or if you don’t have a tractor, borrow your dad’s riding lawn mower. Their sound could be categorized with the cow-punk music that is so popular with the kids these days (see: Last Watch, Glassell Park 3, etc.) with some sing-along Paul Simon and John Prine cover tunes thrown in for good measure. They were formerly known as Pretty, Pretty Good, but that name was too exact. Therefore, they changed their name to an homage to a certain tattooed lady from a popular kids show. Bobby Coates brings the ruckus on the banjo, while Brandon Neumayer kicks up a shit-storm on the guitar. Sometimes Jesse Jerkstore bangs the drums along with them. If you’re lucky, you might catch them at a house party, offering accompaniment to a rousing game of beer pong. Ask Brandon to make Petunia dance while you’re at it.

Around since: 2011

Members: Bobby, banjo and Brandon, guitar, Jesse, drums

Site: Facebook
–Newton Wise

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