Armaund Hammer

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Been wondering just who/what this Armaund Hammer is? Look no further than this write-up from one Joseph Running Crane:

John Samuel Brown and I have been trying to start a band together since the early/heady days of 2009 or so. We played a couple shows together at the ZACC gallery and really dug each others’ stuff. Like with anyone else I try and start a band with, however, it would take at least three to four years before schedules, locations and overall motivation could synchronize enough to get us in the same goddamn room with some goddamn instruments. Even then, Sam approached me about playing drums for a band that would eventually become Armaund Hammer, and I had to turn him down like a moron. A big, smelly moron.

And hot darn, Armaund Hammer rules.

I heard them for the first time while working door at the loveable VFW, and found myself immediately regretting my decision to not swat those skins for Sam.

As a two-piece, Sam holds things together with gruff, early Jawbreaker-vibe vocals and dirty, dirty guitar work. Bryan Gardner plays those drums in the manner we’ve been enjoying for years and picks up perfectly the vibe Sam and his git lays down. Impassioned vocally and messy instrumentally, Armaund Hammer’s overall songwriting holds it all down and ensures things never go off track. Maybe a little, but hell, bands are boring unless they look like they’re gonna fuck up sometime.

After I got off shift from the door, I ran up to Sam and asked to play bass. He said sure. He’s a nice guy.


Listen to Armaund Hammer on Bandcamp.

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