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Photo of Tim Arrowtop by Kat Franchino. This is the only picture on the internet where his face looks normal.

Bird’s Mile Home makes music for punks who also maybe know how to pitch a bale and shovel manure. Music for the crop of alt-country cusses that popped up around the early 2000s as a generation of punks mellowed just enough to start using acoustic guitars: Drag the River, Two Cow Garage, Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols, etc. Bands that grew up listening to the Replacements and the Clash. Lots of rousing sing alongs and gritty-voiced ballads to hard times. Lyrics that you’ll remember the next day when you’re hungover.

Not to say that Bird’s Mile is identical to those bands, but that if you like ’em, you’ll probably like Bird’s Mile, too. They are also lovely people, but kind of smelly.

Around since: early 2008, making them fucking ancient by scene standards

Members: Timmy Arrowtop, vocals and bass, Keith Moore, vocals and guitar, plus rotating cast of characters

Site: Facebook

Releases: A EP and self-titled full length from 2010


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