Buddy Jackson

May 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Grant is left, Nick is right. The pretty one in the middle is a groupie, I think.

Buddy Jackson are a bunch of charming douchebags, I guarantee you that, but they make fierce, good, smart punk rock. I thought they were pretty good when I saw them once in a bar. I downloaded their Bandcamp sampler, and it seems I wasn’t just drunk. You should check it out.

Tim, the bassist, sounds more and more like the Leatherface dude as he gets older and crabbier, which is nicely offset by Nick’s more pop-punk-derived style. Backed by some solid drumming from Grant, I defy you not to bob your head!


Around since: Mid-2011?

photo by Danielle Ford

Members: Nick, guitar, Tim, bass, Grant, drums
Site: Bandcamp (with free download), Facebook



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