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I ran into Gretchen’s drummer, Joey, and asked him about the band, and he described it as “when punk kids try to make metal music.” Eh, I can’t find a better descriptor. Less of the slow headbangy bits and more of the fast ‘let’s flail around and hit people with our elbows’ bits. Righteous.

Shramana’s Regicide has this to say over at Dirty Flannel: (Click here for his full write-up.)

“Another hard-hitting local, Gretchen is another band created from the incestuous toxic sludge that is the Missoula punk/heavy music community… it’s unlikely you don’t know who Ryan Bilunka, Josh Jacka and Joey Running Crane are. Their combined musical track record could stretch from here to the moon, including Shramana, King Elephant, Goddammitboyhowdy!, The Holy Family Mission Band, Bird’s Mile Home, Suicide Victim, This Band Kills Fascists, Blue Boy Destroy, POA, JackTopTown, Heiress Pilton, Haymarket Overture, Bridgebuilder and well, you get the idea. These dudes live to play and their excellent musicianship is readily apparent.”

Around since: 2012?

Members: Joey- Drums, Ryan- Guitar/Vocs, Josh – Guitar/Vocs



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