The King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split! It’s ALIIIIVE!

November 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Coolio, the King Elephant/Shitty Weekend split has come to fruition! Click here for the Shitty Weekend side and click here for the King Elephant side.

Joey keeps bugging me to get a proper profile of King Elephant on here, which strangely legitimizes this goofy blog o’ mine if people take it that seriously, but honestly, I am not qualified to write it on account of bias. (I can be unbiased about, say, Buddy Jackson, because those guys are dummies, obviously.) King Elephant is awesome, the culmination of all the sounds I like to hear, all fast punk rock and desperate vocals and an “uncool” level of passion. With such talented, angsty and cute dudes in the band, they have a lot going for them. I sincerely hope they can go far. And that somebody else writes the proper review for me.

King Elephant on Facebook.

King Elephant’s full length, Exhaust, on Bandcamp.




King Elephant: the bar napkin write-up

October 10, 2012 § Leave a comment

King Elephant is a band. This is their write-up. Cronyism alert: this write-up was written with full supervision and approval of Ryan and Joey.

King Elephant: best crotch thrusts in the West! Ryan-Ry Ry- puts out, baby. And they sound like good sounds, sometime.

**** I love you guys and will post a real write-up very soon.****

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