My Two Dads

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ed. Note: Reggie over at Dirty Flannel has a write-up about My Two Dads, a hardcore band featuring members of Thug Nasties. If you’d like to submit a band profile or have me link to yours, email me at justwhittlin at hotmail dot com:

Some people just play because it’s fucking fun as shit. This is obviously the case with My Two Dads.
Drummer Justin Gaither and bassist Chris Justice have been playing in bands together for years, starting with their first band in high school, The KIAs of Great Falls. Since, these two have been in a menagerie of bands together, most notably The Thug Nasties of Missoula, MT.
I love My Two Dads (HA!) because they are the quintessential local punk band. Every town has one, every town needs one, and every one sounds different, has a different character, tone and feeling to it. Of course, this is not to say they’re not good in their own right, but there’s a feeling of tradition being carried on here. There’s no pretense whatsoever, it’s just play fast and loud because doing it feels good. And it shows. Being the good friends that they are, they write songs about their mutual interests. Hits like “TPK” (ie, “Total Party Kill,” a Dungeons and Dragons reference), “Fox Lighter” and numerous dutiful lightning-fast ditties about too much to drink make up their set list, which clocks in at around 18 minutes (onstage banter and guitar retuning included).

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